Monday, April 16, 2012

Sister Time......Priceless!!!!

Sister + Sister = Flea Markets, Antique shops, Salvage yards and old buildings full of rusty and crusty stuff....and + Brother to carry stuff and drive us around!!!!
Oh, and HomeGoods, TJMaxx, Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, The Garden Center and numerous Boutiques....mixed with lots of laughing, reminicing, a few tears, talking til 2:00 in the morning and
forgoing the calories for a few days.....this is what serious Sister time is all about.    Oh and I nearly forgot....trying on shoes and pulling together cute outfits....talking about makeup and jewlery and (face lifts and botox)!  And, reminding each other about secrets we promise to always keep.  If you have a sister or a best friend then I know you can relate.
We really did shop until we dropped.  My feet will never be the same.  I might have to take to my bed for a few days to rejuvenate myself!

Here are some results of my shopping madness...

I love buying pretty pillows as much as I do making them.  This Pottery Barn ocean coral pillow had to come home with me.  Along with it came the pretty coral reef bottle and a few other things I'll show you later....

On every Blogger's want list is a french bottle dryer.....right?
I saw it and had to have it.  The pretty green milk glasses are from
Anthropologie....aren't they cute....

I found this chippy, shabby, vintage library box at a great antique shop near Raleigh.  The color and the patina my book....2die4!

This one is not going to the's all mine!!!

There is so much more to show you and I promise to do just that.
I have lots of new things to take to the shop and a few project to show you later.

In the meantime, get out there and create, make, sew, write, photograph, paint and find something wonderful and share it with us.



NanaDiana said...

Well, I love all your finds but by far the best part of your post is about your sisters. How wonderful to have them as part of your life. I always wanted a sister...what a blessing- xo Diana

ps. I could NOT part with that old library box either.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Sissie...Thank you so much for emailing me and letting me know that information. I just didn't have time to get up there. So much to do and very little time to do it in. We had so much fun though and really enjoyed ourselves. Maybe the next time we go I will have more time. Sounds like you and your sister had the time of your lives! Good for you! ~Hugs, Patti

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Fabulous finds! I love the pillow and you are right...the library box is amazing! If we went shopping together I would hope there were TWO of everything...we love the same things! ♥

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Lots of great finds but oh yes that green box is amazing! Hugs, Linda

Lucille said...

Talk about patina, that box is a winner. Can't blame you for keeping it. I have never heard of a French bottle dryer. I have never even seen them before. Wonderful that you were able to have this special time with your sister. You're very fortunate!

Rebecca said...

I have two sisters and I'm blessed to have them both. I'm closest to my older one tho because we shared a room our entire childhood and secrets and dreams.

Love all you share but your sister tales make my heart sing.



Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

It must be nice to have a sister to shop with and share secrets. You got yourself some wonderful goodies and I love the bottles and the pillow. Rest up those tootsies!


All Things Chic 2 said...

Sounds like you had a ball!!!
Wish my sister & I had the same things in common, that is truly a blessings...
Blessings to you and your sister!!!

Victorian1885 said...

I am so happy you & your sisters to have such a close bond... I don't have that with my sister but cherish it in my sister in law. Your new pieces are glorious! Have a great week!


Marlee said...

I had a similar weekend with my sister. In addition to all the shopping fun, we trimmed overgrown sago palms in the yard. Love that library box! I wouldn't sell it either.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh you are so lucky, I wish I had a sister...a forever friend...I have crummy brothers LOL! I love that old box, good for you for keeping it, I think of so many things I sold I wish i'd kept...Then I would have been on the horders show OH well


Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hey Sissie, so glad you had that wonderful time with your sister. I still laugh over the chocolate peanut story! one of the funniest things I've ever read! Love that great greeny-blue drawer, you have it done up so cute!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

I love your purchases--looking forward to seeing more! I am so glad you had so much fun with your sister!

Tardevil said...

Great finds! LOVE the bottle dryer and the antique box. I'm from the Raleigh area and was wondering if you would mind sharing the name of the antique store you mentioned in this post. I would love to find a new one when I come home to visit. Thanks!

Mary Ellen said...

Oh Sissie you are making me homesick for sister time! I so miss being near my sisters as we used to do so much together! So glad you all were able to spend time together and shop! Great finds especially that french bottle rack (something I would love but have no idea where I would put it!)

Working on my office chair this week!

bee blessed

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Oh I love sister time too:) Charming box you found...great color!


Something Nice and Pretty said...

I don't blame you for keeping the box, the color is gorgeous! So glad you had a great time with your sisters and I love to shop too so I know how your feet feel!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Oh yes, I love that library drawer box, Sissie! I'm so glad to hear you keep some things for yourself! : ) It sounds like you had a great sister visit. My sister-in-law was just here for the weekend and we did hit one of the outlets. We should have just gone, her and I, but we didn't {since it was hubby's birthday she came for}.

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Ya that sounds like a perfect day Sissie, now get in an RV and head up to my shop for the grand opening with your sisters and clean me out!!!

amorartes said...

Lindas imagems, boa semana.

trash talk said...

C'mon Sissie give! I know there's a sister story in there along with all those great finds guaranteed to crack me up...share!
That pillow has your name all over it.

stefanie said...

oh!!! so many great treasures, love the box!

Gail said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful time with your sister Sissie! What great finds and you are absolutely right...that vintage library box is 2die4! Hope you are having a wonderful day, Gail

Dorthe said...

SISSIE, WONDERFUL, findings- Love the shabby box- and then a library box!! so beautiful, the glass dryer, and the pillow , oh you got GREAT things, dear friend. Love it all, and can`t wait to see the rest.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Your sister time sounds heavenly! I am so glad you had a wonderful time!
I am madly in love with your turquoise drawer!! I can see why you are keeping it!

chateau chic said...

How wonderful to spend time with your sister. Sounds like you all had too much fun!! :-)
Looks like you came home with some fabulous things.
Mary Alice

Faye ~ Wild Rose Vintage ~ Cabin Creek said...

That old chippy box IS 2die4! You found some fun treasures!
xoxo Faye

Okio B Designs said...

I'm with everyone - that library box is fantastic! But sister time is even more fantastic!


Heidi Meyer said...

What fabulous, epic shopping! I love your wonderful finds - that coral pillow and the fantastic library drawer - to die for!! Have a wonderful week ~ xxoo Heidi

June said...

That BOX...OH that BOX!!!! I LOVE it Sissie! I am so glad you had a wonderful time with your sister. I sure wish I was your sister :o !!!
I cannot wait to hear more about the time you had with your dear sis.
sending hugs...

Julie said...

Love the color on the vintage library box.

How great that you got to spend that time with your sister.

Sares said...

What fun! That box is magnificent! Love the coral pillow too, perfect for a change in season.

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