Sunday, October 19, 2014

On the work table today....

Today, I have this on my work table.....
I found this mannequin bust in a thrift store.  It was covered in cloth that had seen better days.  I cut up a lace curtain for the base and she's ready to be embellished. 

My inspiration comes from this...
This gorgeous canvas painting is an original by none other than
Cindy from Cindy's Fractured Fairy Tale Blog.  You can find and purchase her paintings at
Cindy is an amazing artist and an amazing person.  She has a sparkling personality that comes through in her blog if you aren't following her then I suggest you start.  I guarantee she will make you smile! 

I hope you'll come back soon and see her transformation.

In the meantime....what's on your work table?????

                                              ~~ hugs ~~

Friday, October 10, 2014

A blog post about nothing....

My blog post today is basically about nothing!  Seems as though I'm getting out of touch here in Blogland and I would be very sad if y'all were to forget me.  So, I looked around the house and my booth, looked through old posts, beat my head against the wall and then I spied this....
Yep, plain ole ball of jute cord....but if tied in bows it just might help gussie up this very plain throw found today on one of my junk hunts.
 A no brainer....right?
 I'm just like the rest of you, I can't leave anything alone.  Just cut the string, loop through the squares and tie in a bow.  Ahhhh, that's so much better.

Okay now that I have wowed all of you with my amazing ease of creativity...
I'm back out here in Blogland and I hope that you are over 
here wondering what I've been up least I know I made you look!!

And don't think for a minute that I haven't been over to your blogs too.  I might not always leave a comment but I make it a point to see what's happening on your blogs.  And as always you amaze me!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Love Forever....Burlap and Lace Pillows...

I don't know what it is about burlap and lace but I never seem to tire of it!  Some of the "experts" say that it's not as popular in home d├ęcor...but for me it will always be. 
I just finished this burlap pillow this morning.
I used a ton of lace.  I gathered and twisted it into rosettes and just left the ribbon hanging loose.

Making one burlap pillow is never enough.  So I made another!

Love this framed glass with a message...
Okay Sweetie-Pies....that's it for now.
Hope you get out there this week and create, make, photograph, sew, write, cook, repurpose or follow your passion, whatever it may be.  Don't forget to share with the rest of us!


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