Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Let's see what real girls look like wearing Jeanne d'Arc

A few blog posts ago I announced that my shop would be carrying Jeanne d'Arc Living clothing.  I'm so happy that it's been a real success.  I just want to thank all my shoppers and bloggers that supported my new venture.  So let's have a little fun and see what real girls look like wearing JDL...

Jeanne d'Arc Living clothing is simply amazing.  It's so romantic, a little Bohemian, a little Nordic and European. 
Even my family got in on the act.  Here's my sister wearing this adorable JDL top...

My Sister's little granddaughter wearing JDL Childrens...

And, the lovely Tanza that many of you bloggers know and adore, wearing a pink JDL top.  Isn't she cute!!!!

Donna from Distressed Donna Down Home wearing JDL pantaloons and a JDL top.  Isn't she looking good. She wore this to a summer wedding...
If you get a chance be sure and drop by Donna's blog.  You'll love her great vintage finds and redos!

Here's a photo of a customer of mine who is a professional model.
She chose to wear the same JDL top that Tanza is wearing in the photo above.  Wendy makes anything look good.

Kerrie, from Sea Cottage loves the JDL pantaloons.  Here she shows them on her blog as a work of art.  Go see Kerrie and be inspired by her lovely Seaside cottage. You'll love her soft and warm surroundings, poetic prose and artistic flare.
Photo by Kerrie of Seawashed Living.

As you can see the Jeanne d'Arc Living styles are timeless and can be worn by all ages.  I think every girl loves a little romance and these clothes promise just that.

This is a sampling of a few styles that I have in my shop and in my etsy shop.  Many have sold out but I have more on order and will keep them posted on FB and Etsy.


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Pretty things...

Do you ever wonder why you are drawn to certain things.  Why you like collecting them or why you just can't resist buying them.
I'm this way with pretty vintage slips and gowns. 

There was a time when our Moms and Grandmoms wouldn't be caught dead without a slip underneath their dress. 
 Lacy pinks, whites, creams....some with side slits, zippered...
Labels like Shadowline, Maidenform, Vanity Fair, Vassarette...

Peignoir Sets were a must for every bride. 

 Lace gowns were a work of art...glamour was so in vogue

Speaking of pretty slips and undies...I remember when I was a little girl that I would watch my Mom primping in front of her vanity,wearing her slip and pretty under things.  I dreamed of one day having lovely lingerie just like hers.  Guess that's why I love collecting vintage pretties.

Slip fact:  Slips were made of rayon during the 1940's.  Because of the war rayon was the only fabric available.  It wasn't until later that nylon was used. 
This is my real Mom on the right. She and her girlfriend were ready for a night on the town with their guys.  You can see just a hint of the pretty lace slips.  Looks like her girlfriend was rockin the red crinoline!

Feminine, glamorous and so very girlie...

How about you...do you still wear a slip or a frilly, fancy gown????


Friday, April 24, 2015

Trying Gold Again....or Gold Fail!

Well here I go again.  I'm attempting to add gold to my home and trying to convince myself that I like it.  Um??
I bought this gold mirror from a favorite junker and I really liked the gold paint and patina.  That is until I put it on my entryway wall.
 I kinda like...kinda don't...you know what I mean. 

I moved the wooden angel to see if I liked it better with the gold.  Believe me she has seen me waving the paint brush at her many times.  Luckily for her that she hasn't been painted white.  (the angel doesn't have stripes, it's the sunlight coming through the blinds)
Not long ago, I created this look in my family room corner.  Kept it that way for about two weeks and poof! it was gone!
The frame has been painted white and the entire look was dismantled...and now I don't know what to put there!!!!
So, what would you do.  Would you paint the mirror white or another color?  I'm counting on you to tell me what I should do.
Nothing like being "Blogger Approved."  I have the paint and the brush standing by!


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