Sunday, January 25, 2015

A passion for vintage suitcases...

"Give me a ticket for an aeroplane....ain't got time to take a fast train...."  Don't know why that song popped in my head but it must be these great vintage suitcases trying to tell me something.  What in the world is it about old suitcases that just makes my heart sing????

Must be the wonderful patina...the soft well worn leather handles, the beat-up and scuffed sides from many years of use or the mystery they hold and the stories that they might tell....

 All I know is that I cannot resist them.
They are great for storage, stacking and using as tables or just putting on display in your home.  The suitcase on the bottom is a recent HomeGoods find.  It's a vintage replica and I thought it would make a great base for stacking the suitcases.  The second one from the bottom is really luxurious inside.  Get a load of this pretty toile fabric.  How in the world could anyone part with this?  Oh well I'm glad that it ended up with me.
Love it!
Suitcases also make wonderful booth displays or photo props.
I also spent most of the day making these pretty heart pillows.
This one is embellished with lace appliques from an old wedding gown.  Once I got started adding all this pretty lace I just couldn't stop!
 This heart pillow just called for lots and lots of lace trim.  The scrabble letters and the pearls make it extra sweet.
 This one was made using a Paris theme fabric.  I added vintage lace and jewelry pieces plus the xoxo's.
 They turned out so pretty that I want to keep them all.
So what's your passion this week, this year???

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

A few more projects to share.

Not much going on around Sissie's Shabby Cottage.  I've just been doing the usual after the Holidays, cleaning, purging and organizing.  I'm also making plans to freshen up my booth with some new things.
My first project was to glam up some plain linen pillows....

I added burlap rosettes and a plain burlap rose.  Now I'm thinking I need to cut off that stem!
I found this french style cabinet in my friend Debbie's booth.  She sold it to me at a great price!  (thanks Deb).  I painted it Behr's creamy white and distressed it a little around the edges.  For now it's sitting in my entryway but who knows where it will be next week!
I couldn't resist these cute little sheep that I found at Tuesday Mornings.  I added some ribbon and some paper butterflies.  
So there you have it!  Mr. Sissie has been having some health problems and spent some time in the hospital so I've been looking after him.  Luckily he is on the mend.

In the meantime I urge you to get out there and create, sew, write, photograph, blog, bake, paint, repurpose or find something and share it with all of us!


Monday, January 5, 2015

Yikes, I'm liking Gold again!!!

Okay, try not to gasp or shake your in she's lost her mind and what was she thinking.  I really did add gold to my décor!  Why, you ask.  Just a few years ago I would never, ever considered it.  But for some reason I am now liking the look.

It all started with this narrow wall in the entryway. The two oval mirrors were thrift store finds.  I planned to paint them white but decided they were pretty just as they were.  I added the gold frame from Hobby Lobby.  I also dabbed on some metallic gold paint.

Next came this corner in the great room.  I just couldn't get it right.  I kept changing out the tables, chairs, lamps, pillows and still didn't like it.  I know you've been there.  So I had a light bulb moment!
A customer brought me this huge gold frame and when I leaned it on the table I liked the look.  So it grew from there.
I brought the gold toile pillows out of the closet and added one to the wingback chair.    So for now, I'm liking the look.  Who knows though....everything might be painted white by next week! 

How about you.  Are you loving gold again or have you always loved it????


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