Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thrift Store Vanity Table gets new life

I stopped by one of my favorite thrift stores a few days ago and found this lonely little vanity table that was definitely in need of some jazzing up.  So, off to the back of my little Volkswagen Tiquan she goes!   Of course I had to ask my dear hubby to help me put it in the garage.  He just sighs and is over so obiedient, of course he does mumble a few words under his breath, but you'd think after being married to me for 35 years that he would understand my need to rescue ugly things and give them new life.  He still grumbles about the paint drips that I mistakingly dropped on the garage floor,
Hey, a girl needs her space.  And, right now the garage is my art studio. 

The one thing I neglected to do was to take a before picture.  It was an ugly tan color with brown wooden knobs.  The color you see on the inside of the vanity is the same as the outside used to be.  I left the inside of the vanity unpainted because it still looks pretty good.  I just love the pretty flower knobs that I added.  They were a real find at the Home Goods Store and I've been waiting for just the right piece to utilize them. 

I also found the little chair that you see here for a mere $5.00!  All it needed was a little white paint and it now looks great.

I'm putting this in my shop tomorrow and I'm hoping that others love it as much as I do.  I can just see it in a teenager's bedroom full of all her favorite makeup and trinkets.  Or in a guest room full of goodies for your guests. 

What do yall think?

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Tracie said...

If I lived in your town I would come buy it!! It turned out so cute. I have never seen one where the mirror is on the inside and pulls up like is really cool. And the flower knobs are super cute. Great job!!

I'm glad that SITS sent me over to be introduced to your blog!

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