Friday, November 20, 2009

Going Wild with Pink Glitter for Pink Saturday!

I have never been much for crafting things with glitter but when I spied the most beautiful tube of pink glitter sittin on a shelf at the craft store, I couldn't pass it up.
I thought to myself that there just has to be something I can make with that gorgeous pink glitter.  
Living on the southern coast of North Carolina in a small beach town, we have abundant seashells and tons of pine cones.  Our back yard borders with the golf course and we have lots of squirrel friends and about 12 loblolly pine trees.
So, I decided what better combination than to glitter up some seashells and pinecones!
Here's how they turned out.

I will tell you that this was one messy project! The outcome is pretty but, gettin there is tedious.  That's why I didn't make but a few.  Plus, I wasn't sure how they would turn out.

Oh and by the way, these are my cute pink slippers that my Sister gave me last week while I was visiting.  They were wrapped up with some Bath and Body body wash and a scrubby and lying on my big comfy bed.  How sweet.

Don't forget, for some more wonderful pink stuff, go over to see  Beverly
at How Sweet The Sound.


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oooh Sissie...
I am lovin those little pink lambies. Aren't they just the sweetest things ever? Love them.

Those pine cones are absolutely luscious and tied with the bow, oh how rich they look. I love that combination on a plate. So beautiful. The seashells ofcourse I love as well. I love seashells plain even, but that pink really does make them pop. Don't you just love it when you buy something to try, not sure what will happen, and then it turns out to be the best ever, then you go back to buy some more and it is sold out. Hope you got plenty because I have a feeling, you are going to be needing it.

Please stop by and say hi. I so love it when you do.

Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Your slippers are so CUTE!!!

I just love the pink pinecones and glittery seashells! I have some seashells stored away. I may just have to add some glitter to them . . . which of course will go EVERYWHERE, LOL

Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!


sherri@lavenderfields said...

Ok I have to start with your living room! Wow! I absolutely love it! So beautiful! Your pink glitter creations are beautiful as well! I guess a bit of a pain to do but the end result was worth it! ANd I love your slippers! Sounds like a thoughtful gift! Hope you have a great Pink Saturday and a wonderful weekend! Sherri : )

Lara said...

lovely! meesy project or not, the result is so cute!

Catharina Maria said...

Lovely pinks !!
Happy Pink Saturday !
Love from the Netherlands RINI

Say It With Roses said...

For your first glitter project I have to say WOW! You did good! No one would ever guess this was your first the cones and the shells. How pretty they are together and that big fluffy pink bow was the perfect final touch!
Your slippers are the cutest!!!! What a loving sister you have!

Marina Capano said...

Hi! Happy pink satuday!

what a fantastic pink post, lovely


LV said...

There are so many talented people in blog land. Your idea of painting the shells and cones is a wonderful idea dna your look so pretty.

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Hi Sissie!

I was going to go to Home Goods yesterday but didn't make it. I will today, going to go see what PiNk Christmas goodies they have!!

The tree is called Cashmere, doesn't that sound divine!


Light and Voices said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Lovely Pink post.

someplace in thyme said...

It may be messy Sissie, but look how perfect they are. You did a great job and I think they would make the perfect embellishment for gifts too, Happy Pink Saturday, Char


I love what you did with the pinecones and glitter. I may have to borrow that idea:)
Those slippers are very cute. made me smile. Pink Blessings!

Riet said...

HI. I love what you did with the glitter and I love those slippers. Happy pink Saturday

Jane said...

I love how your pink pinecones turned out! Working with glitter is a messy thing. I've used it on the snowmen I make but that's about all I've glittered.
For my silver pedestal I posted about yesterday I used E6000 glue. So far it's holding OK.
I thought about you the other day. I was in Hobby Lobby and they had pink bottle brush trees (looked just like the black and silver ones in my post a couple of days ago). They are 1/2 price right now! I saw them and immediately thought "Sissie would love those". Don't know if you have a Hobby Lobby close by (if not and you would be interested in them let me know).
Have a great weekend.

Lemondrop Marie said...

So lovely! You are the pink creative queen. I love pinecones always, but pink ones? Over the top!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Shabbychicdiva said...

I love the pinecones. SOO pretty!!! Happy Pink Saturday! Have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by. Winona

Sarah said...

Your pink pine cones a fantastic! What a terrific idea. You should make more and fill a bowl with these. Great photo! Happy Pink Saturday and Blessings for Thanksgiving! ~ Sarah

Jacalyn @ said...

Oh they turned out sooooo beautiful! The slippers are cute too and you have a very sweet sister! I am following you so I can keep up with all of your pink happenings!


{Bellamere Cottage} said...

I LOVE your glittered cones and shells. I had to buy my shells to embellish...but I'm going to glam them up too. Nothing like a little bit of glitter to make things cute. I haven't tried it, but I wonder if spray adhesive would work? It would be a lot faster...but pretty stinky.

HaPpY pInK SaTuRdaY.....and Happy Thanksgiving too!


LemonyRenee' said...

Oooh, those pretty pinecones look good enough to eat! And the tootsies, to!

Your cat, Gabby, looks just like a cat I used to have. She was a crab of a thing, but we loved her anyway . . . Hmmm, I can here my kids saying that about ME someday. LOL

Happy Saturday!

That shabby Pink Girl said...

I love the Pink pine cones, and what cute slippers, have a wonderfully Pink day.
Happy Thanksgaiving!

marian elizabeth

CC said...

Ohh, I love your seashells and your pinecones..they're just gorgeous...and your pinkie slippers are so sweet. Happy Pinks and have a wonderful Thanksgiving..

Jacaranda Artesanias said...

Nice post!
Thanks for your visit :)

Happy pink saturday!

She'sSewPretty said...

That is pretty!! I'm going to have to go out and look for some pine cones now!
Have a wonderful pink Saturday!

Mary said...

I love your pine cones. Most unusual :-). Have a great Pink Saturday and enjoy the week to come.

Rostrose said...

The combination of seashells and pinecones looks great! Happy Pink Saturday! Hugs, Traude

Grace said...

Wow how wonderful! Cute Pink Pinecones and those slippers are too stinkin cute Happy Pink Saturday! Grace

Patricia said...

What a beautiful idea and I love the sheer bow. Happy Pink Saturday and I hope you have a wonderful new week.

The Tattered Cottage said...

Hi Sissie!
Oh I am soooo happy you stopped by for a visit:) And thank you for following, I LOVE meeting new friends. Your blog is BEAUTIFUL! I hope you don't mind if I stay for awhile and visit :) But first, I have to say....I LOVE your slippers, they are too stinkin cute! and your pine cones and shells turned out beautifully.
I'm off to visit you :)

The Tattered Cottage said...

Hi Sissie!
Me again :) Your sweet Gabby looks like my baby Rocky :) And I'm following you too :)

Julie said...

Hi Sissie, Love how the pine cones and shell turned out...It all looks so pretty...Happy Pink Satrurday...Happy Thanks Giving... Do hope you will stop over for a visit...

C @Favourite Vintage Finds said...

Your pinecones and shells are delicious! Sweet slippers too!

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