Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My exciting Thrift Store Finds

I just love it when you bloggin sweeties show and tell all about your thrift store finds.  So, I thought I would share a few things that I found the other day.  First I hit the Goodwill store and here's what I found..................

This sweet little canister was $2.00.  It was plain, so I added
the fleur-de-lis motif and the french ribbon......ooh-la-la!

I also found this cute silver candlelabra and I am
wondering if yall think I should leave it tarnished or
or paint it??????
Oh, it was $2.00!

How about these great little cloches!
They were 50 cents each. (my heart started
palipatating when I saw them!!)

Stopped at Michaels and spied these little
round etched mirrors, so I added some more of that
French ribbon and another fleur-de-lis motif.....
and I think they are cute.

Hopped over to Home Goods, my most favorite store
in the whole wide world.  They were having
50% off all Christmas, so I got these
three mercury glass candle votives (I already bought
one set, full price) At 50% off they
were 3.50!

There's more, but I don't want to wear yall out, so I'll
save some more to show you later.
Oh, I'm so happy..........I love, love, love a good



Grace said...

eek I have to run to Home Goods after work....maybe Thursday when I am off? so cold here and windy..lol maybe I should go soon? Happy New Year! Grace

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

OMG! Every single thing you got is amazing!! I love what you did with the canister. Cha-Ching! You scored big. Can't wait to see the rest. :)

bj said...

O SISSIE...OOO...If I lived close to you, I would come over and arm wrestle you for that first black and white canister...it is SO to die for.
Everything else is just perfect. I know how excited you get when you find something cute for nearly nothing. I just seldom get that thrill when I buy something brand new and pay full price forit.
xo bj


Oh Sissie!!
I am loving all that you picked up. You did a great job with that little white canister. I think your candelabra would look great in white...or as is. I have one tucked away that I have been meaning to paint for months... what is taking me so long? Can't wait to see the rest of your finds. Blessings and hugs!

Cindy said...

What a lucky dog you are! Great finds, and you added your touch to make perfection :)

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Oh, Sissie, you hit the JACKPOT!!!! I so wish I could go shopping with you!! I just love it all!! Is the fleur de lis a stencil?

I think I'd leave the candlelabra as is :) Perfect!!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Sissie sweetie...
I am loving the black and white pot. Oh my gosh Girl that turned out beautiful. You did an awesome job. Totally beautiful. I just love it, love it, love it. Now I have to know where did you find the fleur de lis motiff? It is so pretty. And the same for the mirrors, where did you find the mottifs? So elegant looking.

I love the pink candle votiffs? Were the crowns already on there? Anyway they look like little crowns.

I have got to come and shop with you. Oh my gosh what fun you had. I never score that BIG.

I love it. Hope your day was beautiful. Mine was very hectic, and thank God it is over. Tomorrow will be a new day.

Take care sweetie. We will talk before New Years. Country hugs and so much love...Sherry

~Tonja~ said...

Oh my what sweet finds...love them all and everything you did with them...
Sweet Blessings...

LuLu Kellogg said...

So lovely and elegant!
LuLu Kellogg

Shabbyfufu said...

Hi Sissie dear, thank you for stopping by and OH MY....I LOVE those votive cups!!! A trip out to Homegoods may be in order for me too. Happy New Year...xo, Janet

Blondie's Journal said...

You have some wonderful finds there, Sissie. I love what you did with the canister...you can never have enough in any room. And the cloches are great!! You will have fun with those. I love the mercury glass votives. Of all the candles I had lit over Christmas, the tea lights in my mercury glass holders were the prettiest. Something about the way the light flickers...love it!!

Have a happy and healthy New Year, my friend!! :-)


Ginger said...

You really found some bargains and they are really great. I am partial to mercury glass. I love the silver candelabra, I think I would paint it white if it was mine, but either way it is beautiful. Have a Happy New Year.


fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

wow Sissie.. you hit a big jackpot! great items with great price! love the candlestand and the mercury glass and the mirror lovely!.. too bad, we dont have Home Goods and Goodwill here at my side of the world.. otherwise I shall be there everyday! hehehehe

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Is there anything better than making something perfectly wonderful out of something kind of plain? You did a WOW job.....love all of your finds!

Warm blessings and Happy New Year,

Tracie said...

Okay...I have decided that I must visit you and make you take me shopping! You find the cutest stuff!

I vote for leaving it tarnished!

June said...

Hi Sissie,
I thought I was a pretty good bargain shopper, but I may have just met my match.lol I LOVE that canister, esp. after you got your hands on it. Let's see you got it for 2 dollars...how 'bout I give you $5???

Stine in Ontario said...

Either you have a great eye for finding bargains or you are very lucky...maybe both. Marvelous finds!

alice said...

Golly! It makes me want to run right over to GW! You are a lucky duck! The cloches got me heart a pumping! The candlelabra WOW! So glad I found you and your blog! HNY!
smiles, alice

My Grama's Soul said...

Girlfriend, I WANT TO GO SHOPPING WITH YOU! What bargains you found and they are all just beautiful.

Happy New Year to you and thanks for stopping by to say hi.


Shirl said...

Hello Sissie, WHat a great things you have found! I went to a antique mall today, I found some real treasures too, can't wait to share my finds in blogland! Thank you so much for stopping by!
Have a happy and blessed New Year!
Shirls Rose Cottage

C @Favourite Vintage Finds said...

You lucky lady! Amazing finds! Wishing you a new year filled with happiness!

Mollye said...

Good Morning Sunshine..............Thanks for visiting so early in the morning and wow what a stash of treasures you scored. The candlesticks I think I would paint chippy aqua and put some divine pink candles with lots of bling on them, ya know the stick on rinestones. Yeah real trash chic. Everything else is just gorgeous the way it is and you made the canisters just perfect. Happy New Year, Mollye

My name is PJ. said...

Sissie, You have a great eye and a real flair for taking something and making it reflect you. You're also pretty darn lucky with your finds!

I say leave it tarnished.....but what do I know?

Happy New Year!!

tarnishedandtattered.blogsot.com said...

I'm dying over your finds! 1st of all...the closest Home Goods for me is 45 min. away. Maybe that's a good thing, because I've never gotten out of there w/o spending a fortune. 2nd, I love how you embellished the canister & mirrors, darling. 3rd..where is your Goodwill? I may be willing to drive it for that kind of stuff. Lastly, have a fantastic New Years! Lisa

Vicki said...

Oooh, la, la!! Sissie you found some wonderful things. I like how you embellished them, too. What a great buy on those cloche! I have been looking for some, hope I can find some as inexpensive as the ones you found. Have a happy, happy new year, sweet friend! Love and blessings! Vicki

pinkkandy said...


Mary said...

beautiful, fabulous finds, Sissie. I do love those mercury glass votive holders. Personally, I'd leave the candelabra as it is...really sweet.

Laura said...

Hi Sissie!
You really hit the jackpot! I love everything you found and all the little touches you added! I am hoping that 2010 brings wonderful blessings to you and your family. I look forward to sharing more with you in the future!
Happy New Year! Laura :)

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! Great thrifty treasures! Love 'em and the shopping is the best part, don't you think! Have a great new year! Looking forward to sharing! Hugs, Coralie

Polly said...

Hi Sissie! Thank you for stopping by Sassafras Stuff and leaving a comment! It is so nice to connect with you! I just love seeing everyone's thrifty finds! You scored with all these goodies! I will add you to my blog list and sign on as a follower! Your blog is beautiful!

Happy New Year!


Debbie @ The Shabby Bungalow said...

What a beautiful lot of bargain buys - I get so much satisfaction from buying something cheap that looks fab. Happy New Year to you - happy thrifting xx

The Tablescaper said...

What great finds!!! It's great how you dolled up the cannister.

- The Tablescaper

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