Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gotta Keep Busy!

Hello blogger chicks!  I've been staying inside, nursing a terrible cold. So, rather than sittin around feelin sorry for myself, I created a few pillows.
This pillow was made with burlap fabric and I sewed on the Paris
sign with an image from Graphics Fairy.  The trim is a gathered ribbon with a tulle border.

This sweet pillow is sumptuous silk
with my current favorite design,
lots of rosettes!

If I stay in tomorrow, I'll probably make a few more.  I have a hard time sittin still!
Are you creative types the same way??



LV said...

I wish I was creative, but afraid I will have leave that to others. At least while you were confined at home, you were able to do something very pretty. During mine last week, due to huge snow, I had no power. Not a lot you can do under those conditions. Thank you for feeling like stopping by for a little visit today.

The Muse said...

gorgeous...sometimes (just sometimes) colds can be a blessing :) (in disguise)

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

I saved that graphic too for when I make another batch of pillow covers! I RELALY like your PINK pillow, Sissie, it's so luscious!!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Beautiful, Sissie! I also saved that graphic for some future project, although I'm not sure what yet. I do find that I get antsy and I'll usually do something quick and easy. At least I feel like I've done something!

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Ah Sissie ..they are Great ..both pillows !!! Yes I do have a hard time sitting still no matter how bad I feel ..in fact most people can't understand why I never quit or don't take a day off... I guess it's just in my blood to always be busy creating. We just finished up some new Garden ditty bags we posted in our Etsy shop ..you'll have to stop in and see them.
our seller name is sweetmagnoliasfarm.

Hope you feel better soon and keep up the Beautiful Work ..



stefanie said...

wow, even sick you are amazing!!! love them, I need pillows but I am soooo poor right now, these kids need to stop eating and growing!!

Annie Louise said...

Your pillows are absolutely gorgeous!! Hope you get well soon.

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Lovely pillows, Sissie! A cold doesn't put the damper on your creative juices obviously! Hope you're feeling better soon and keep up the good work. Have a lovely week.


Debby said...

WOW!!!! They are both beautiful.

tarnishedandtattered.blogsot.com said...

STOP!!! You are making me obsessed with looking at your blog! That pillow is the BEST thing ever. Do you sell them? I want to buy one just like that if you do. I love Love LOVE it. Lisa

GardenofDaisies said...

They are really beautiful!!

FleaMarketTrixie said...

That is a great graphic from graphics fairy,it makes a great looking pillow
love how your pillows turned out, very pretty!

Christine said...

I LOVE that pink pillow!!

One Cheap B*tch said...

Those pillows are gorgeous! I love the burlap one. Are you putting these in your Etsy shop? I heart creative types. LOL!

alice said...

Oh Sissie,
I am sorry you are under the weather! I love those pillowsand glad you changed your backgournd back. It is so pretty with all your lovies.
I told one of friends it was a curse to be creative. I feel I am polluting or leaving fat foot prints on Mother Earth. She said it kept my mind fresh instead of senility ! Of course I just had to call her ‘cause I could not remember the whole conversation! Hope this gave you a small chuckle. Take your vitamins and drink lots of OJ!
Smiles, alice

vintage frenchhen said...

Very precious Sissy girl! I do hope you feel better soon. By the way, does Graphics Fairy also tell how to transfer the image to fabric? I would love to give it a try, but don't know how! Take care, marcia

Petite Michelle Louise said...

wow...when I'M under the weather...i lie on the couch and watch really bad TV all day! oh my...you're an inspiration and your pillows are tres,tres,beau!!! will you be listing them in the shop? warmly, ~*~*~*~michelle~*~*~*~

The Tattered Cottage said...

Hi Sissie -
Love, Love the new pillows especially the silk with the rosettes :)

CC said...

Hi Sissie,
Your pillows and your roses are just gorgeous..
How very talented you are. Sure hope you get to feeling better soon..


very pretty...nicely done

have a great night


Kathysue said...

Sissie, your pillows are just lovely. I only wish I was creative in that way. The only thing creative about me is my brain. It is always thinking and on the move. My physical body just kind of sits and lets the brain do the work,hehe. Great Job!!KATHYSUE

Polly said...

Oh Sissie, your pillows are getting more and more beautiful! I've loved every single one you have shown us! But this one with it's Parisian flair and ruffles is just perfect! Will it be going to your Etsy store by chance?!?! I think I'll hop over there right now and see!



fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

awww Sissie, I pray for your fast recovery coz I want to see more of your thrifting pretties! I really love your pillows!.. all so pretty!

get well soon!

junkdreams said...

These are gorgeous Sissie...absolutely gorgeous!


Another beautiful pillow. I googled images earlier today of shabby chic pillows and many of your's were shown. I could use a little shabby advice on over at my place.

Caroline@ FOREVER VINTAGE said...

I love those pillow Sissie...you're so talented. I should get back in to sewing but with working a f/t and p/t job there just doesn't seem to be enough time.

LuLu said...

WOW looks at what you created when you have a cold!!! they are just beautiful!!!! Feel better soon,

Jane said...

I hope you're feeling better. You sure made good use of your time....the pillows are gorgeous.

Amy Kinser said...

Sissie, my friend, I am so sorry you have felt bad. But, let me tell you, even when you are sick, you are sooo creative. Your pillows are awesome.

Feel better soon.

Linens Lace and Lattes said...

Goodness ~ You are even creative when you are sick! Take care of yourself and hope you feel better soon.

Marsha's Mpressions said...

Sissie, gorgeous pillows and I LOVE your living room! It is out of this world knock-down gorgeous! Thanks of coming by my blog and your support of our troops.

Tanza said...

Hi Sissie,
Those are beautiful .. Gosh, I wonder what you can make when you're feeling good !! Guess which one is my favorite ?! mmmmm .. You got it girlie, that beautiful, perfect color of PiNk one !! LoVe the roses on it too .. Sure hope you are feeling better soon, and the sun hopefully shining down on sweet you ~
hugs ~tea~xo

Denise said...

Uuuuhhh! I love that burlap pillow! Just my style.

Ticking and Toile said...

Your pillows are so gorgeous!! I'm going to run over to check them out! (they're in the shop right?) anyway, gorgeous! Someone needs to do a tutorial on how to use the graphics from graphics fairy.....how did you do that? Love it!! Thanks so much for coming by today! I know, I just couldn't believe how much great stuff I found that day thrifting at ONE store!!! So fun!
Yep, I am like you....I cannot sit still (well only when I'm blogging....ha ha!)but other than that it is pretty rare! OK off to look at all your cool stuff!


Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I used to be busier on crafts more before my illness....but I do still like to work on them some. I haven't sewn in years and I would love to because I just love all the beautiful pillows I see people make. Thanks for seeing my packages...I will show on Thursday what they are...pass birthday greetings to your beautiful sister.
thank you too for your concern on my health...it is a battle and a rough one, but every day is a gift...and I am going to live each one that I get as best I can...I don't know what else I can do!!!
Have a great week. I hope you soon feel better and have fun making more wonderful pillows....

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Your pillows are so pretty!!! Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Sares said...

Pretty pretty! For someone who doesn't feel well, you surely are productive! Hope you get well soon!

Pink Princess said...

BEAUTIFUL pillows ♥♥ I am in love with the roses one but the first one is awesome too ♥♥

My name is PJ. said...

Your pillows are divine!

When I'm feeling creative, I clean or organize something. I know - boring, but I'm not artistic.

Dorthe said...

Hi dear Sissie,

Your burlap pillow, is wonderfull ,I love the trim you made,makes it so very romantic and fragile to look at.
and the rose pillow, oh my fits the sleepingroom of a queen.
Hope you are soon well again, and wishing you a wonderfull creative wednesday.
Hugs Dorthe

Beansieleigh said...

Oh Sissie! Both pillows are gorgeous, but I'm LOVING the one with the rosettes! VERY pretty and pink, and perfectly girl-ish! Beautiful work!... Hope you're feeling better soon! ((hugs)) ~tina

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Sissie,
My goodness, you created these luscious pillow when you were sick? What will you make when you feeling fine, You are so talented, they are beautiful.
I do hope you are feeling better very soon!
Take care Sissie!

Lululiz said...

Two very different but equally gorgeous pillows!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Sweetie...
I am so sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I am here now with a box of my favorite tissues, some chicken noodle soup, and a warm fuzzy teddy bear. Do you feel better now? I hope so.

Beautiful post, love the pillows, especially the pink one. So beautiful, love the rosettes. Such an element of surprise in a room it will be.

Before I forget you must go by and visit Spencer at Bellamere Cottage. She has something that she just finished that is going to make you squeal with delight. Go and see sweetie.

Get better soon. I will be saying a prayer for you. You package was mailed yesterday so you should have it before the week is out. I hope you enjoy it. Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

Mona @ la la by mona said...

Mmmmm, mmmmm , mmmmm - love those pillows! Can't imagine what you could if you were feeling 100%! Feel better soon!

LemonyRenee' said...

Wow, look at all these comments! You are one popular girl. Your pillows are wonderfully pretty, and I hope you feel better soon.

Cathy said...

Wow...you should be sick more often;)! It gets your creative juices flowing...gorgeous pillows...I adore them both!

I am saying a little prayer for your quick recovery!

tarnishedandtattered.blogsot.com said...

It's me again, look at my WW post today. You might see something familiar. Lisa

Angie said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! You sure are productive and creative while sick though...lol. Make sure you rest up!

Hugs ~ Angie

Dianne said...

Oh, Sissie, I should get sick if it would help me create beauty such as this. You are truly gifted and your sister is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your gifts and your family with us.

Bunny said...

Love your pillows beautiful job, love your blog too. I have to follow you. Hope you feel better soon.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi Sissie! YES! I feel terrible and keep right on going! I did it today. Then I thought, no, this mess has been here for weeks now and I've made headway...I NEED a break, sat down, felt sleepy and jumped up and went back to work. I get driven at times...and I'm not the napping type..
I understand completely!

Jacqueline said...

When Sissie does it, Sissie does it good! I recommend pink tissue and cotton candy and a few life savers...for speedy recovery!
~The Girl with the Curl~

Janean said...

sissie, you are just too cute to be ill, but still craft! you've got talent, girl!!!

hugs & tell your Sis HAPPY Birthday for me. i'm throwin' confetti``-_

Low Tide High Style said...

Sissie, I'm so sorry to hear that you're a bit under the weather, but those pillows are gorgeous!!! And I wish you could stop by for breakfast, I'd fix you something to make you feel all better!

Kat :)

Terri Smith said...

Your pillows are fabulous! Especially love the graphics! I've been browsing your site this a.m., and every feature is lovely. What a loving tribute to your sister. I enjoy so much visiting you. Always cheery (even when a bit under the weather). Thanks for brightening my day!

Blessings, joy and sunshine, Terri

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Sissie, Your pillows are beautiful! Since I like neutrals as well as pink, I don't even know which I would like better.

Mitzi said...

I LOVE you creations. You are one talented lady. That pink pillow just calls out to me.

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