Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some More Paris Ooh-la-la!

Hi Blogger Chicks!  I just wanted to show you this beautiful  boxed set of vintage Parisian soaps!  Everytime I look at them I want to put on my Parisian chapeau and hop in the baignoire!
I'll now translate in Southern Speak...."Maw's gittin in the tub with that frenchee smellin stuff. So you youngins better be still or youra gonna git a whoopin!"
The shop owner, Dianne found these lovelies and I had to have them.
The original box is so lovely.  Don't you just love the tattered paper edging.
Can't you just imagaine a handsome young man bringing these home to his sweetheart.  She must have cherished them so much that she decided to never use them and keep them in
her raboteuse, er, ah, drawers!

I will most likely put these in my Etsy shop, but right now I am enjoying just looking at them.

Now, get-a-load of this baby!  A lovely hammered
tray.  Look at those lovely handles with the flowers
and all.....sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Check out the little guy.....

Another, Sissie's Shabby Cottage Pillow....

Now, I just have to figure out what I'm going to do for the next post!



Dixie said...

I adore that fabulous chenille pillow Sissie! Love it! Dixie

Lululiz said...

What an absolutely wonderful find, I am quite envious, I am ashamed to say. I am a soapmaker and love love love old soaps and anything to do with soap.

Linda said...

Oh those hammered trays are FABuLouS!!! Love the soap but my allergies make it hard for me to have much fragrance around! Sigh....

China said...

wow, this this your house? It's really pretty!!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

The soaps are just wonderful as well as the trays, but the chenille pillow is just so stunning it stole my heart. Hugs, Marty

My name is PJ. said...

Tres chic! Wow! You have an eye and a nose for the beautiful stuff! I can see them all finding lovely spots in your home!!

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Each one is LOVELY! I really like that pillow! And I find it hard to actually use a pretty bar of soap too. Love to take a deep inhale of a well made bar of French Soap!

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Ohh la la, Sissie!! Those soaps are wonderful! How could you part with them?!?!

I just love the handles on that tray!!

And your newest pillow is tres chic, mon ami!!!


Collected Treasures said...

Oh my....the label on those soaps is enough to die for......just gorgeous....sweet pillow!

alice said...

Oh Sissie, I love that post! I am still giggling! Now copy the top of the soap box. You will be happy you did! Your tray is handsomely hammered! You little shabby pillow is so wonderful! Keep up the good hunt!
smiles, alice

Tanza said...

Hahahah ... very sweet post Sissie .. LoVe those soaps, almost to pretty to use .. That tray is gorgeous !! Wonderful treasures found by you again .. yippee .. hoping your week is going well and lots of heart surprises ~
hugs ~tea~xo

Rebecca said...

Be still my beating jealous heart.

I LOVE these!


Rustique Gallery said...

Sissy, Love the soap box-and your pillows are gorgeous with the flowers. I'm also drawn to that hammered aluminum. My mom had several pieces, and I'm slowly gathering up a few pieces... another collection, if I let it be! Take care! Sherry

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Those trays are beautiful, Sissie! The handles are so different from what I've seen.

Petite Michelle Louise said...

ok..truth be told here...your "translation" to "Southern Speak" made me laugh so hard i peed my pants! honestly..i haven't laughed out loud like that in a long time!!! thanks for sharing your post about this lovely parisien soap and your very down-to-earth purpose for purchasing them! warm regards, michelle

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

oh dear Sissie... my heart skip many beats by just looking at the french savon!!! you are so luck to find it!.. i love the packaging!.. sooooo vintagey beautiful!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Be still my wanna be French heart! What gorgeous soaps, they are fabulous!

I never met a silver tray I didn't love and oh my Sissie, what a gorgeous pillow!

Love and hugs,

stefanie said...

oh, those soaps are just for beauty, they are gorgeous!!!

The Muse said...

wandering about this evening and found bread crumb trails to right here!
what a delight!
i am off to explore your blog...
would another fan follower be ok? :)

The Muse said...

(you can choose where you would like to follow :) )
I'd be happy to see you at any one of my little spots!! (prose) (just for fun) (design) (word games)

Polly said...

Great finds Sissie! But, I must tell you, I love your pillows that you create! This one is so sweet, and oh how I am loving rosettes and ruffles right now! Wish I lived closer to your booth!


Ginger said...

Beautiful, I just love the chenille pillow with the beautiful flowers!! Check out my valentine swap gift.


Kathy said...

Sissy...Chenille,,,and french soaps...Gorgeous!
xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet up-North Mornings...

FleaMarketTrixie said...

Sissy, I love your pillows they are all so pretty!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Wonderful the tray also...Hope you have a Great day my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

trash talk said...

I hope by drawers you mean as in "chest of"...I got a mental image! LOL Beautiful packaging. YOu know a lady could only accept certain things and still be a lady and I'm sure soap was one.
P.S. My daddy always said "Do you want a whoopin'?" we were going to say yes, right?

~ RM said...

i adore your pillows!! I wish I had some like that, but I can never seem to keep them beautiful around here! I have a hubby that bends them in half while he naps on the couch and a toddler that drags them on the floor.... I make my own throw pillows, and I promise you my blood pressure increases when I see them (ab)used!! :) Silly, I know...

Amy Kinser said...

Sissie, I love your pillow you made. How lovely it is.

And the southern speak is just great. I have a pretty southern accent and got a big kick out of your translation.

T's Daily Treasures said...

I'm visiting from my cousin's blog -- she won your sweet pillow giveaway with all the pockets full of lovely treasures. Your handmade pillows are fabulous as are all your creations. That box of soaps is truly fabulous! What a find! Wishing you a beautiful day! Tammy

Riet said...

Another beautiful post Sissie. i love your finds and that white pillow is gorgeous.

Dorthe said...

Dear Sissie,
Love the little old box with soaps, would never have passed it by, and your pillow is just wonderfull.
Hugs Dorthe

GypsyNurse said...

How beautiful!! I love them... have been stuck in snow..but will have many surprises in the coming week!

bj said...

O, Sissie girl,...I love every thing here. Couldn't pick a favorite if I had too...Just beautiful..


You have some great finds. Loving the pillow!

Anne at Fiona and Twig said...

Those soaps do look divine!
I love the color palette you've got going on this post, very elegant and subdued.
Love you Etsy shop!

Have a wonderful day!

Linda K. said...

Sissie, you always have the neatest posts. My tub is calling me! And that pillow is the 'bees knees'!! Happy day sweetie!


madelinesmemory said...

Oh, how do you ever part with such adorable, beautiful things? I could never!! I love EVERYTHING you have posted on your blog...the die for. Maybe someday my things will be as pretty :). Have a wonderful day

Barbara Jean said...

sweet post!

Love the 'story' bout the soap.

Would ya' do me a favor?

I am so glad you signed up for my giveaway, but it was on the wrong post. If you'll go back over and click on the baby shoe nest on top of my blog, it will take you to sing up.
That way all my eggs are in one basket when i draw. =0))
thanks so much!!


barbara jean

Denise said...

Beautiful soaps and I really love the trays. In fact, I love trays in general. They're so much fun to decorate with.

Jeannette said...

Morning Sissie!!!I'm so glad you stopped by because I adore your blog!!! Your header is gorgeous-may I move in??lol I rarely go back through some blogs but I had to in yours - so many pretties! I love love that floral chair in your guestroom!! You've given me a new outlook on all those scrapbooking stickers I have too and they will be showing up on white plates (today?) You are adorable and I agree we do get more like our spouses with years passing (30 for us!) Well I just wanted to say hi and hope you'll visit me again - I will be back often!! Sincerely, Jeannette (oh by the way you are not missing much in your home State except lots and lots of snow!!!lol) Stay warm.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Sissie...I keep checking..and checking..and hoping for something RED and French...and country! :)
You leave the sweetest comments! Thank you!

I must check Etsy also. Such sweet thingies you offer! Lovely finds!
Mona :)

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