Friday, April 9, 2010

Pink Saturday Fun!

Hi Bloggerettes!  It's Pink Saturday and believe it or not, I am having trouble finding pink stuff!!  Yea, I know you can't believe it, but even moi, the lover of all things girlie, ruffly and pink, has her days.

Pink Saturday is hosted by Beverly, at How Sweet the Sound.  Be sure you go over and check out all the other Pink Saturday posts.

Here's a project that I am working on.  Now, keep in mind I am showing this to you in its first stages.  I just finished painting it
"ballerina pink."  Next I'll be making the bedding.  I'll show you the finished product later.
Isn't this the sweetest  little baby bassinet?
I found it at the thrift store and I couldn't resist.
It is going into my booth when it's completed and hopefully to a good home.

Another Sissie pillow I finished this morning.
The graphic is from
It's an image of love letters

One of my two bedroom chairs that I've had for over
twelve years and I still love them....

I hope everyone has a good weekend at the yard sales,
garage sales, thrifts, estate sales, flea markets, GW's
and all the others.  Be sure and show us your finds.



Brenda-shabbycatsandroses said...

That baby bassinet is so adorable! Can't wait to see it finished with the bedding you will be making for it :) The pillow is fabulous, of course, and I love your chair, so cute!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend Sissie!
Warmest always, Brenda

Collected Treasures...for the home, heart & soul said...

Anything baby melts my heart.....and then it's pink at that....hhhhhmmmmmmm, love it....also your beautiful chair...yummy!

Nancy said...

That's such a sweet basinette! And your pillow is pretty, too. Have a great weekend!


Debbie @ said...

This of course is the Keeeutest thing ever. I love it. I also loved your pink pillow in your other post. So adorable. You have got the creative bug and it has bitten you BIG! hahahahaha...I love it.
Very nice pink post.
Have a blessed weekend.

Annesphamily said...

You are so precious! I wanted to tell you I ordered a subscription to Tea Time! You git me hooked! I also love all your girlie things over here! You are one amazing and talented woman! Happy Pink weekend to you! Hugs Anne

GypsyNurse said... your PINK!

GardenofDaisies said...

Cute pink bassinet!! That isn't going to remain in your stall for long.

Blondie's Journal said...

I adore the bassinet. Someone is going to fall in love with it! I love the floral chair, too!


raggygirlvintage said...

Oh my Sissie, that is very pretty, I just love that pink on the bassinet and can't wait to see it all finished up. You managed to find a bunch of pink after all!!
Now tell me, do you get more than the 24 hours in a day I get???!!!
Have a great weekend,

Debby said...

Hi Sissie,

Love the bassinet and your chair is gorgeous, great post.

Gerry said...

Sissie, What a gorgeous bassinet! I love the "Love Letters" pillow, I am a hopeless romantic! And the chairs, ah...I can see why you are holding on to them!

Thanks for coming by my place to see "My Treasures from Liz".
Have a great weekend,

Sherrie said...

You, running out of pink! Say it ain't so. Well let's see what you come up with for next time. Have a lovely weekend. I am getting ready in just a few hours to pick the winner for my giveaway of all my lovely pink goodies. Keep your fingers crossed.

Sarah said...

What a special bassinet. I can't wait to see it all finished.

stefanie said...

ooooohhhh, someone is going to fall in love with that!!!! so sweet for a baby girl.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

What a sweet baby bassinet! Pink is just the right color for it. I also love your bedroom chair.
Have a wonderful weekend, Sissie!

That shabby Pink Girl said...

can't wait to see the bassinet when finished~your pillows are so soft and pretty! Love all your pretties.
Have a happy weekend~~

marian elizabeth

Riet said...

Hi Sissie. You are so great in getting all these things beautiful again. And I love this pillow too. Have a nice pink Saturday

Bella said...

Hi Sissie, I love that chair from your bedroom... gorgeous!
Happy pink Saturday & Have a great weekend!

Lori said...

ooooooh, that bassinet is the sweetest thing Sissie...i can't wait to see it all finished up with the bedding you make for it!!!

♥ItaJeff♥ @Something To Share said...

Hi Sissie..
Ohh myyy..that baby bassinet is so adorable, and also your bedroom pink chair, its beautiful flowery pink. I just can't believe when you said you've running out of pink :D
Happy PS and have a great and relaxing weekend

My name is PJ. said...

I even like the pink on the bassinet, Sissie! I'll bet you make it frilly and girly and beautiful!

Happy Saturday!!

Mary said...

Everything looks wonderful Sissie!
I cannot wait to see the bassinet finished!
Keep us posted!
Happy Pink Saturday!
Hugs, Mary

Linens Lace and Lattes said...

Good Morning Sissie~I love the pink floral chair and I have been wanted to thank you. I really really really appreciate your comments on my blog. I don't get alot of traffic or comments and it always makes me smile when I see yours. Thanks so much for brightening my day! deb

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

'Morning Sissie,
What a sweet bassinet! It's going to be darling, I just know it! Pretty pillows too. Happy Pink Saturday, dear lady, and have a wonderful weekend.


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I LOVE your bedroom chair, Sissie! Love the fabric, the ruffled skirt, and the shape of it is great! Great find on that bassinet. It looks like it's in great shape. I'm sure once you dress it up it will be too cute! As always, your pillow is gorgeous. Karen just put up a new antique french label image that is just wonderful.

Beansieleigh said...

I LOVE the beautiful baby bassinette, Sissie! I just KNOW it will be breathtaking when you're finished with it! Can't wait! ~tina

Claudia said...

Baby bassinettes are so sweet - can't wait to see how it all turns out. I love the pillow, Sissie. And I am crazy about your bedroom chair - I can see you sitting there with a cup of tea and a good book. Have a great weekend!


Jacqueline said...

Once upon a time I had a wing back chair like your bedroom chair and I sold it to a friend that loved it so I miss my sit upon chair.
Here's to a Happy Pink Saturday. As soon as I can sneak out the back door at work I'm heading to the thrift shops for goodness only knows... said...

Oh I love the little pink bedroom chair with the pink pillow. That would be so cute in my little Lily's room. And the pink bassinet, I've been looking for something like that to hold her 200 stuffed animals in. Great work Sissie. Lisa
PS kids tried to touch my Sissie pillow last night, there were some very tense moments.

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

That pink bassinette is too sweet. And I Love the pillow you did. Someday I would love to visit your booth!

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

oh Sissie, I love the bassinette!.. my late grandparents had one in their attic the last time I went there.. now you give me ideas what to do with it.. and I should go & take it son.. thanks for sharing this lovely pink bassinette.. Happy PS

Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

Hi Sissie!
I can't believe that you could ever run out of pink things to showcase!
Your handmades are of course adorable :-) and what a unique bassinette you found! All the precious babies that slept in it thru the years! It will be dileriously sweet with your bedding. It would also make a neat piece to display pillows and things in your booth!
Thanks for sharing your pinkies!!

Atelier de Charo said...

So beautiful and romantic bedroom chair!!!

Happy Pink Saturday!!!

Suzie Button said...

What a beautiful bassinet! I love all your beauties! happy Pink Saturday! Suzie

Paula said...

Dear Sissie,

I love your pink things! The bassinet is so sweet! I love the shade of pink you painted it, and look forward to seeing the bedding you make for it. I know it will sell quickly! I love the pillow you made! It is gorgeous!!!! Oh, the chair in your bedroom is beautiful! Love the print. Thank you for sharing your pretties! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and find lots of pink girlie things!


Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Oh Sissie! Everything is just so pretty! that bassinet is just a sweet pink dream! And that love note pillow is so lovely! Your chairs are wonderful!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Sissie...
Oh sweetie that is just the sweetest darn bassinet ever. I cannot wait to see the ruffles you add to this. I know it will be beautiful. What talents you have with a can of paint and that darn sewing machine. Mine is out of whack, and I have to get it going again, as I so adore sewing.

Your new pillow, just breathtaking. The color of the letters came out so bright and beautiful. I love it. I am always so happy to see the new things you make from your sewing machine. I would love to get inside your head for just 1 hour to see what spins when you are sewing or dreaming of a project.

Have a beautiful Saturday sweetie...Country hugs and much love...Sherry

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

So pretty! i love your chairs and i can't wait to see the bassinette when it is finished!!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

That bassinet is incredible!
And I'm loving your pillow, too!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mary Beth @ Live. Laugh. Make Something said...

I can only imagine what you'll do with that bassinette! I can't wait to see. ...and that chair and pillpow are just delightful! pretty new header, too. Happy Pink Saturday! Hope to see you back at my place...

LuLu Kellogg said...

Oh Sissie, this is SO lovely!! I can't wait to see the finished product!


Nancy's Notes said...

Sissy, that little pink bassinet is just, oh so precious!! I also love that chair of yours, it's just so pretty! I have so enjoyed your blog!

Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday and dropping by to see me, so sweet of you! Hope you are having a great weekend!


OH Sissie! I know that by the time you are finished sewing the 'bedding' for that gorgeous pink bassinet, it will be mouth wateringly drool worthy! and it will make me want to have another baby girl!

okay, maybe not, after all you're good, but not that good? ! or are you? lol

ciao bella
happy weeknd to you too...
i did do some thrifting, and I'll have to post my finds soon!
creative carmelina

CARMELINA LOUNSBURY said... all the photos of your's great to have a peek into your beautiful world of whites and pretties!

thought you should know! ciao bella

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Sissie! The ballerina pink bassinet is so charming! It's going to be stunning when you are finished! Love the pretty pillow and your slipcover chair is so pinkalicious!

Have a lovely weekend!


Mary said...

Your boudoir chairs and pillows (that you make) are just beutiful, Diane..and the pink bassinet is darling. Wish I had a little booth to sell things in - sounds like fun. Happy PS~

Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

Hi Sissie! I love the pillow with the love letter graphic on it, so pretty! I can't wait to see the final stages of that sweet bassinet... Have a wonderful week! Theresa

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