Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Few Thrifty Finds

Hi Bloggerettes!!  Hope you are enjoying your Mother's Day Sunday.  I did my usual Saturday morning yardsale tripping. I found a few things to show you.

These angel oranaments caught my eye.(brain lightbulb)! Not sure what I will do with them, any ideas????

This sweet silver candlestick lamp came home with me for a total of $5.00.  I already had a shade, so it works perfectly in my kitchen.

Found this little hammered aluminum basket tray, pretty sweet.

I do want to share something funny with you.  It is a comment left on my post about my obsession with mirrors.  The comment is from Lisa from Tarnished and Tattered....

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the funniest blogger of them all? She likes ruffles, burlap, lots of pink, sometimes there are melted goobers in her seat. She buys it shabby, from England & France, & if she's really excited she'll wet her pants! Okay, my secrets out. I drink all day! LOL That's for you Sissie! Happy Mother's Day! Lisa

May 7, 2010 12:12 PM
I laughed so hard at her comment that I fell off my chair!  She is the cutest girl ever and she just celebrated her birthday.  She's unbelieveably talented and she is the Mother of triplets!  Go over
and say hello and tell her Sissie sent you.



Donna said...

I love all your pink flowers from yesterday and your poem comment and that silver candle lamp is beautiful. I see we have both been thrifting this weekend. Maybe I'll see ya in the store on Monday.
Blessings to you, Donna

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love your wonderful treasures. The angels are beautiful and the silver candlestick is just fabulous. Great tray too. However the comment is just about the best. Hope you day is fabulous. Hugs, Marty

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Hi Sissie....a fabulous it! Lisa is one of my favs!! Hope you have a great day!!

Madeline's Memory said...

HHmmm, all I find at yardsales is junk.....and I mean junk. Lucky you to find such beautiful items. Love the lamp and Angels, well they are my weakness.
Have a wonderful Mother's Day.
Enjoy, Dana

Debby said...

You had another great day! Love all your new goodies. Cracking up at Lisa's response. She is so darned sweet!
Happy Mother's Day!

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

I like that silver candle lamp!!!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Mari said...


~ Regan said...

OH, I love the ornaments and the lamp! (Actually, I really like everything you showed, but those two are my fave!) ;) I wonder if you could attach the angels to a stake of somesort to push into a plant? They are really pretty!

What a funny comment, I will have to go check Lisa out- gotta love a good sense of humor!!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angela said...

Hey Sissie!

Looks like the yard sales are much better where you live now! I doubt it if you would find that around here. Cute poem!


Donna said...

Wow, Sissie! You really hit the jackpot! The angels are gorgeous, and your silver finds are wonderful, too! I just love your photos at the top of your blog. I need to learn how to blur photos out like that! I'm afraid that I am a bit technically challenged! Have a great Mother's Day!


afistfullofweeds* said...

Love your little lamp!! Funny poem!! You are hailarious (SP?) said...

OH MY GOSH Sissie,
You exposed me! My husbands planning an intervention!! Lisa

Sherrie said...

You are funny. I have shared your wedding girdle story with so many of my girlfriends, they just love it. I love the new header as well. Thanks for always making me smile.

vintage tickled pink said...

live your blog read it religously! your new header is the bomb! happy moms day to all diane

Janean said...

sissie, you have a wonderful mother's day as well and your...uh...*little secret* is safe with us - we'll just try to keep the excitement down for ya! :0

Sares said...

Very funny little poem! You always find the greatest things. I am clueless about the ornaments but i know you will think of something!

Linda K. said...

Your 'finds' are fabulous. What a neat post today, Sissie. Lisa's poem for you is a riot! What a sweetheart.


Dorthe said...

Hi sweet Sissie,
You did good again, the lamp stick is very beautifull, and goes so well with your style, and the tray so lovely,dear.
As for Lisa`s comment, I too had to laugh, she is full of fun and a very dear friend to me,I love her ,too.
Hugs, and love-Dorthe

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

I thought the angels were great, then saw the lamp - wow! So very pretty, Happy Mother's Day!

Riet said...

Oh Wow Sissi, more beautiful finds. You sure are lucky with that. I love the lamp, it is gorgeous.
Have a wonderful mothersday.

My name is PJ. said...

How will you ever deal when you run out of room in your house for more lovely things? Have you considered that? Will you rotate your vignettes and pack the others away? Will you adopt the "one thing in, one thing out" rule? Will you sell the less favored in your shop?

Everything you have is so pretty. How would you choose?? :)

Ginger said...

Loooove your new header, so pretty. Wow I love your new treasures, especially the lamp. What a cute poem, I am on my way to check her out. Thanks for stopping by, have a Happy Mothers Day

A Cottage Muse said...

LOL...that was great!! Thanks for sharing! Happy Mother's Day!

Shabbyrosetreasure said...

Oh sissie as always you have the most beautiful of treasures and your pictures are oh so dreamy! I love the lamp and the angels! Happy Mothers Day...a cute little poem indeed!

stefanie said...

Happy Mothers Day...that is the cutest poem ever!!!

dollystar said...

Tudo por aqui me reporta ao romantismo, impossível não seguir


Hi Sissie,
Happy Mother's Day to you, as well. I just had the greatest laugh over that poem, what a riot. I love your candlestick lamp and basket, very nice bargains. I love the angel ornaments as well and I can't wait to see what ideas you come up with and how you end up using them. Thank you for visiting and leaving your sweet comment on my "Tweet" bird jar for Sunday Favorites.
I can't wait to get my pillow; I'm so excited to own one of your creations. You can't get better than that plus it's Pink.

Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

You always share the bestest things Sissie! I havent hit not yet one garage sale this year but our thrift stores are been stocked with wonderful finds!
I have lots of the hammered aluminum from my mom - it was the IN THING wedding shower gift in the 50's!
I remember commenting on Lisas comment and will have to go and visit her!
Enjoy a super Mothers Day Sunday Sissie!

Diane said...

Sissie, what sweet treasures! I think they find YOU!
Lisa's a hoot, isn't she! Such a sweet lady too, like you.
Happy Mother's Day and congratulations on your finds.

Paula said...

Hi sweet Sissie,
I love all of the beautiful treasures you found, wonderful prices too! The shade is perfect on your new candlestick! The angels are so sweet, I know you will find something perfect to do with them, and the basket is lovely too! I loved the sweet poem from Lisa!!!! That was so funny and clever of her. I know it made your day! Thank you for sharing the link to her blog! Love, Paula

P.S. I love your new header photo~ that is my favorite so far! :)

Happy Mother's Day!

Barb said...

Hi Sissie,

I almost wet myself-hehe. That was hysterical.
You have found some beautiful treasures.

Big hugs,

The Tattered Cottage said...

Hi Sissie -
How about making tassels out of the angel ornaments?? And then I could buy one from you!! I love the treasures you found and seriously I want to go shopping with you! You get the best stuff!! Hope you are having a fantastic Mother's Day!
PS Your header is really beautiful. I need to revamp my whole's just not the look I want anymore :) I wish I was techy enough to do it myself.
♥ Toni

Shelia said...

Love all your finds, Sissie and I'm falling off my chair at reading your very special poem.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

You did great at the yard sales. Love the little silver lamp. Looks like Lisa has you pegged with her funny poem.

Cathy said...

What wonderful finds Sissie! I love the little angels...and I love the idea of making them into tassels!(Toni's comment)

The little poem is too funny...I am so glad you shared it!

I hope you had a wonderful day!

Rebecca said...

Hi Sissie
I hope you had a wonderful Mothers
That Lisa is a kick, isn't she? Very cute.
Many Blessings

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Teehee, Lisa is so cute and funny!
Your yard sale trip had been successful again! Great finds, dear Sissie!

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