Thursday, June 17, 2010

Who me? Liking old tools and oil way!!

Hi Bloggerettes!  I've been liking some different kinds of things these days, maybe it's your influence that inspires me to reach out for the new and different.  Like old tools and oil cans???  Nope, I can't believe it either, but it's true.  So, here's my latest crush.....

I'm even liking sink valves, what's up with that!
Of course, I have to paint them white.

How bout you?  Are you started to like things that
are unusual or different.....something that you would have never liked in the past???

At least my dinningroom is still pretty much traditional with a
little shabby mixed in.

Well, as LuLu at Coastal Sisters says....."I'm off like a prom dress!"




Tanza said...

Good morning Sissie,
I'm loving all your new collectibles !! It's kinda a disease .. huh ?! We go from one LoVe to the next !! Never a dull moment, that is what I always say !! always on the hunt for something NeW and FuN !! I too collect old oil cans, BuT, mine are all painted up pretty in PiNk and RoSes, with Rebeccas magical touch .. Anything vintage and gently loved touches this girlies heart .. I LoVe when you share my friend .. Always something NeW and FuN !!

Here's wishing you a marvelous,BiG, HaPPy day treasure hunting hopefully ~
BiG HuGs ~tea~ xo

Tina said...

met your blog through a blog friend, and I'm loving it!
Come visit me, I'll be happy and honored.
Tina (Sonhar e Realizar)

Shellbelle said...

I know I'll never tire of any beachy, but since I moved to Georgia, I have been adding a few country touches. My mother's wash pitcher and basin, along with a set of salt & pepper shakers of a chicken and a rooster. BUT, you'd be proud, they are all white. I've always loved her pitcher and basin, but the S&P shakers were painted. The paint was chipping off and looked terrible, but I noticed underneath it was white. I removed the paint, only to discover they are a beautiful white porcelain. I love them!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I am surprised but then I shouldn't be. The oil cans look great mixed in with your beautiful shabby chic. Love the white sink valve! You can make it all look great Sissie!


Goodmorning Sissy. I have a problem with everything it appears. I do see myself having a thing for painting all white, never b-4 did I do that. I like how the paint reacts to old dry furniture. And Rust, well let me say it is a must! Have a great day. xo Mary

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Ha! What a great exit line! : ) I have not noticed this in myself. Which is probably a good thing, since it means I won't be bringing much more into the house!

Nancy said...

Hey Sissie girl!
It's fun finding new passions. I love that you like oil cans and tools! I think it's neat to have a little bit of rustic things like that amongst your pretties.

Have a grea day!


Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

OK I've never heard the phrase "I'm off like a prom dress" but that is hilarious! I find so much inspiration here in blogland and I love it when someone brings to my attention something I would never have thought of to decorate with. I've used oil cans for years as make-do bottoms and have a couple of sink valves just waiting for the right project. The industrial stuff has always had a 'soft' spot in my heart! I'm running low though so I hope to find some at sales soon. Have a great day, Theresa

Debra@Common Ground said...

I'm loving your "new" obsession! They look "gardeny" to me, so anything gardeny has my vote. Now, painting it white just takes it to another Sissie-shabby level. It IS amazing the influence and inspiration out here, I find so many new things I want to try, a never ending list of great ideas! Have a great day, dearheart,

Tarnished and Tarnished said...

Sissie girl,
Oh my gosh, I just spewed coke thru my nose!! Off like a prom dress, oh my nose hurts, that carbonation. Funny, I'll be borrowing that one. Sissie, I'm proud of you for using the cruddy junk. Maybe the next estate sale you roll up to you'll head to the garage first?? I promise you, that's where the good stuff is! Lisa


Hi Sweet Sissie,
I can't say that there is anything in the home department that I have newly started to like.. but on the fashion front... you know the gladiator sandles that have been out for a while? I hated them at first, but now I love them and soooooooo want a pair. Will have soon!
Hope you are having a fab week my friend.
Blessings always!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Sissie! Well, at least you are ready for the squeaky wheel to get the grease! I am digging the sink valves, too! I don't have any yet, but I saw the cutest ceramic ones used as shower curtain hooks at HomeGoods. Should have gotten them!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Gail said...

Yep, I've been collecting old door handles, old nails, pieces of barbwire and old farm tools for the last couple years. Some are on display on the barn and house, some still in drawers wondering where they will end up.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Sissie, I like decorating with the unusual such as my very big cog! I think the oil cans are wonderful and your dining room looks beautiful. Love how you hung the empty frames.
xo, Sherry

trash talk said...

I think it's great...especially painting 'em white. You can be the Prissy Sissie American Picker!

Rebecca said...

I obsess over so much stuff I can't even speak of it.

It's shameful.

It is.

I have a shed full of JUNQUE I'm still wondering WHY I bought!


So I don't get into trouble with MR. AGPMan I take a little bit out of it each week and haul it to GoodWill. That way I don't have to hear about 'how much I paid for it' and it frees up room for more new stuff! :)

Can't wait to see your space.


Lori said...

i like old rusty stuff mixed in with the frilly...that is part of my "problem"...i like way too many your oil cans Sissie!!!

Artist Terri Smith said...

Off Like A Prom Dress..Hilarious!

Hi Miss Sissie!
I haven't popped over in awhile and so glad I did today. Needed a good laugh :) and you always provide one. I'm still not over that chocolate tale of two sisters! Ha ha the oil cans!

Sunshine & Happiness From Georgia,

Nicole said...

I thought for sure my mom (Capers of the Vintage Vixens) would have commented on this. She is also a collector of old oil cans... hehehe. Loved your post- so cute!


Anonymous said...

Sissie, I knew it! The paint can would come out for those oil cans, etc.! ;-) Then you can decoupage pink roses on them! And a big, pink bow too!


Hi Sissie, I love your new found loves, so fun! I never know what fun surprises I will find when I stop in and visit you! Always fun and I always love everything you do! I would never have thought of collecting tools or oil cans...
Have a great night!

Riet said...

Hi Sissie. You can make something beautiful from nothing.Wonderful gift my dear. And the way you decorate things for your photo's is fantastic. Have a great day.

Kathy said...

Yes sir Sister!!!!
You can make the ordinary , mundane sparkle and rise up Front and center!!!
Very architectural!
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Elaine said...


Enter to win a Lime Ricki swimsuit!
clothed much, a modest fashion blog

My Grama's Soul said...

Hi usual what you photograph is stunning. You know......I have never collected anything.....but I did pick up some old shoe forms in Texas. I have 2 of them and they say three is a I'm on the lookout!! (O:(O:



Rustique Gal said...

Sissy, Thanks so much for your comments on my studio! I've been drawn to old tools lately too, and today bought an old wheeled tea cart! Shades of Grandma, though I think a nice distressed robin's egg or cream would suit it better...

Barbara Jean said...

Oh I know what you mean. I gather up stuff now I would have never even noticed before. Now her i go to sales, instead of glassware, i look for boxes of rusty tools, rusty tinware, old tool boxes..... if it has rust, it is good for me.
Now, tying to incorporate that into my, once foo foo gift shop, another story. But I'm trying. =)

hugs and blessings

barbara jean

OS, did not leave comment, but your creating space is adorable.

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