Friday, February 18, 2011

My home entryway and thanks for the love!

Hi Bloggerettes!  I first want to thank so many of you for leaving me kind and sweet comments about my humble beginnings.  Also, I  put up a post yesterday about being a little sad. I decided to take it down.  Many of you emailed me to ask if I was okay and I am now.  I just want to thank you for your concern, well wishes and love.  You are just the best bunch of friends in the whole entire world.  I cannot believe how you all reach out and help one another when we are feeling down or in need of empathy. Or, need a shoulder to cry on.  You are amazing and I feel so fortunate to have all of you in my life.


This is the entryway to my home.  I love the openess and the layout.
It's almost like a little room of its own and also a tough one to decorate. 

This is the only place in my home that you will find the color gold.
The gold mirror I've had for over 15 years.  The golden brown painted bombay chest is starting to get nervous.  I'm seriously thinking of painting it white.  What do you think?

You'll find lots of shells in my home.  We live just 2 miles from the beach and shells are right at home here.

So are mermaids....

I've shown you this wonderful reproduction terrarium.
It's perfect to hold shells, frogs and cloches...

See the little crown on the frog.  It's one of Rosemary's that I won in her giveaway awhile back.

I added some more pieces to the bombay chest and I'm liking it better.

This bench sit directly across from the chest.  It was the first piece that I bought when the house was built.  I still love it.

One entryway kittie above and here's the other entryway kittie.

~~Big Squishy, gooey, mushy hugs to all of you~~


Low Tide High Style said...

So glad you're feeling better Sissie, and what a beautiful entryway. I say paint that chest if you feel like it!

Kat :)

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Your entry is gorgeous. I love it. Of course I adore all of your cloches and drool over them all and the terrarium. The bombay chest is fabulous. It is exquisite. I love it the way it is. So beautiful. Love you and hope you are on the upswing now. Hugs, Marty

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love your bombay chest, Sissie! The chairs on either side are great, too.

LuLu Kellogg said...

Dear Sweet Sissie~

That is what girlie friends are lift each other up when we need it and to celebrate all good things in life! You are VERY loved!!!

Now...go paint that chest white!!!!


LuLu Kellogg said...

p.s. I loved all your decor in the entryway....I also recognized Rosemary's crown right off the bat!


Jacqui said...

I love that cloche with the shells, and the lovely bench. And the cat!!!

Terri Gordon said...

Hi Sissie, I am so glad that you are feeling better. I love your beautiful entry, just lovely. I would not paint your beautiful chest, I love the color of it now, it is beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Terri

Kathysue said...

Sissie, Love your entry and by all means the chest needs to be white or pink, afterall it is Sissie's house!!! Pink and whites are a must, I say go for it. Did you read my post on "The In-Betweens" ?
I think it is just that time of year for all of us. I did not read your post from yesterday so I am off to read it. Hope you are smiling today, xo Kathysue

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Lovin' the beautiful chest in your entryway Sissie! Can't offer any decorating advice but will say the kitties are just perfect, wouldn't change a thing:@)

Rosemary said...

Hi Sissie,
So glad I have inspired you to do a studio clean out!! It feels great!
I love your entry. I know what you mean about changing the color of something. I would paint it white if it makes you happy. I really like the warmth of the color that it is.
So glad you still like your crown, I think it looks adorable on the frog.
Have a great weekend!!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Sissie, Your entry is beautiful and I love the chest and the terrarium! The little frog with a crown is just the most adorable thing. I also love to decorate with shells and your vignette is wonderful. Have a great weekend.

Patty Sumner said...

Your cats look happy and satisfied! A big hug right back to you! Blessings!

Artist Terri Smith said...

Oh Miss Sissie..I Just Now Discovered Your Previous Posting. There Was Such Core Honesty Behind Your Writing..It Just Made Me Love You Even More! Your Entryway Is As Lovely As The Rest Of Your Beautiful Home! I Enjoy Your Use Of Shells Throughout. Your Place Seems Like A Wonderful Place To Take Your Shoes Off And Rest A Spell. Have A Glorious Weekend Sweet Lady! Sending You Much Love And A Tight Southern Hug, Terri

Pamela said...

Beautiful entry Sissie!!
I would never have the nerve to paint that chest but if you do I would like to see it.
You are so lucky to find such gorgeous shells on your beach...I wish Our ocean had these type of shells :(
I love that frog with the crown. So many
interesting pieces! Love your kitties!!

Pamela xo

Kelsie From Our Country Home said...

Lovely...I adore that terrarium and the mermaid is just gorgeous...I might live near the ocean any longer but salt water still runs thru my veins hehe.

Blessings Kelsie

Barbara said...

Sissie you are such a wonderful decorator that I think any color you use on that chest or if you don't change it at all will work. And the things that you sell at Miss Minnies are just awesome. You go girlfriend!

Hugs XX

Martina said...

Sissie your entry is gorgeous,but so is your whole house!! I love the bombay chest and the vignette you created on top of it. Have a great weekend, Martina

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Sissie....Your entry way is beautiful and I am not sure about painting your bombay chest. I guess it depends on how much painted furniture you have in your home and if you want to mix it or keep to all painted. I have every confidence that you will make the right decision and it will be beautiful! Also I wanted to let you know that I received my package from you today! I think it is one of the most beautiful and lovingly wrapped packages I have ever received in the mail! Everything is gorgeous and I thank you so much for being able to have something you made in my home! I love the artwork by your friend delicate and unique! Have a wonderful weekend...I am glad you are feeling better today!~Hugs, Patti

Char said...

Sissie, first of all I have to admit I was taken aback when I saw your entryway. I was expecting to see all white and instead was met with a rich beautiful wood......expect the unexpected huh? I love the chest just the way it is. I would hate to see the detailing erased with a coat of paint. That being said, I think it would look beautiful painted white. It's your home and your call. I am excited to see what you decide. Everything is lovely and I would like to see more. Happy Pink Saturday dear one and I am so happy you are feeling better, Char

Alaina said...

I was surprised to see both the chest and mirror not in white. Sometimes we need other colors to give us balance in our homes. However, I think they would look even more beautiful white, there I said it, I am a white paint enabler. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Deb said...

Hi Sissie:
I love that dresser and I think it would look beautiful white, too. It's gorgeous. Speaking of gorgeous, great to see Gabby & Gizzy. Such pretty cats. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Wow how do you keep the cats in the entryway!! LOL I say paint it white, you know I love that style. So glad all is well!


Jil~Say It With Roses said...

Hi Sissie....I am glad you are feeling more cheery today! You know what? Yesterday was a bit of a downer for me too!

My vote is to keep your bombay chest just as it is....with your white chairs and accessories it is perfect! Beautiful, infact!
Happy Pink Saturday!

CHERI said...

I love the white bench. I'm usually in favor of painting most anything white but I like the bombay chest as is. If you painted it, wouldn't it cover up the pretty painted flowers on the front? So glad you are feeling happier:)

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Now Sissie you know that chest would look fabulous white. I was shocked to see that it wasn't. Love the vignette on top. Love the terrarium. That bench is just like mine except yours has a cane seat. I like that better.

mariondee-designs said...

Hi Sissie, I just love your bombay chest.. it really is 2die4! Really I think whether you paint it or not it will look beautiful.. so do what you heart wants. Personally I paint everything white.. but I think this chest is just beautiful as is. It has such a lovely patina on it I don't I would even touch it! I just read your last post too and I loved reading about your beginnings... and your booths looked so pretty and inviting.. I always miss my booth when I see yours but love seeing it at the same time! take care, Maryann ps glad to hear you are feeling better.. I think we all have our 'moments'..

Sares said...

You may feel it's a hard space to decorate but you do it so beautifully! Poor little chest. Funny, I get that craving to paint things white too! I say if you've thought about it for a while and the thought still sticks, then go with it.

I enjoyed your beginnings post on how you started your booth. We had humble beginnings too, just a tiny corner upstairs one month and then poof...the next month we were in a full size space downstairs front and center. We didn't have any furniture so the store owners let us use some of their pieces to put all our "smalls" on. We gradually worked in our own things but actually still have one of their pieces, an antique bookcase. I love the sense of purpose I have had from working that small space too!

If you enjoyed my pictures of the antique shop, check back next week. I have more pictures from the same day, minus the pink!

Have a great weekend Sissie!

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Sissie, I would crackle paint the chest white. I can just picture it now all crackled up with the darker gold showing through. You know I did that to a huge armoire once, I painted the whole thing in Elmers glue (watered down a tad) and then painted over it in white and it came out spectacular! You don't show a pic showing the two pieces together, but the white bench with the beige cane seat would look so pretty with a white chest showing bits of beige.
Baring your heart and soul only makes me love you more sister and I am glad you had all your pals come through in your down time. Thats what life should be like, you pull me up and I will gladly do the same for you. xxoo

From Tracie said...

Just stopping by to send a little love your way and to bask in the beauty that you share here everyday.


Olivia said...

It is beautiful...I think it would be breathtaking white.

Rhonda said...

Love your entry - love the terrarium - love the seashells - love the entryway kitties! And mostly love that you were able to pick yourself up when things were going badly!

I think you should wear that sassy pink skirt! It's adorable.

sonya said...

Hi Sissie,
I love your entry! The terrarium is awesome. And I LOVE the frog with the crown! And your kitties! Come see my kitty on my blog! Oh! And I'm having a giveaway!
Have a great weekend!

raggygirlvintage said...

Hi Sissie,

I just love your attention to detail, like the crown on the frog! I get a kick out of doing similar things, even if the family think I'm a little crazy!! Your entry way is great but I think that piece would look awesome in white. I'm on the lookout for a great piece for my entryway, it can't be too wide, either a long console table or skinny tall boy! Then I can reclaim my bench....and so it goes!

Tatjana said...

Aaaa Sissie,this is wonderful!I love it,every detail is on the right place.And the bench?Ah....

Lululiz said...

Your entrance hall is fabulous, full of all things Sissie, beautifully displayed. As to the chest, I really like it the way it is, the colour is not too dark, it is mellow and warm. I'd rather paint the mirror frame ( yikes, did I say that ?) to balance it.

Dorthe said...

Dear Sissie,
I think it is a fantastic and beautifull entryway, -and like Liz, I would keep the chest as is- it is wonderfull in its own color-- AND that is the same for the mirror....the two looks so wonderfull together.
Your new room below, looks gorgeus, dear- I so love how you do the decorating ,and fill the space with all kind of fabulous stuff.
You have big succes with your "new life" sweetie.
Love and hugs,-Dorthe

Blondie's Journal said...

I think the chest would be beautiful painted white to match all of your pretty pieces!!

I missed you post, but please know that I am thinking of you...


Blondie's Journal said...

...your post! I am an insomniac, but sleep is settling in!! ;-D


The Rustic Victorian said...

I love seeing your entry, your shells and cats...everything is so nice. You are very blessed. I believe we are here for such a short time, we might as well enjoy our surroundings, do what pleases "you". Personally I would not paint over the chest because of the flowers, what if you didn't paint the drawers. I wonder when the "white craze" is over, will we strip everything to try to reclaim the patinas? I wonder....
Joy in your day!

Sherry said...

Your entry is gorgeous! I love the shells and the cloche. Glad your feeling better.

Kathy Martin said...

I'd love to give your kitties big squishy gooey hugs! ;) lovely home!

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

See I know I am probably standing alone out here. Although the chest would be pretty white, I think it stands out so beautifully. Sometimes I think a different color in a few pieces adds variety. And all the gorgeous painting on the chest...I would hate to lose that. But you have to be happy with it!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love you shells and mermaids! How sweet the entry looks. Kitties make it even better. Glad you are doing OK now! hugs, Linda

June said...

Oh Sissie, what a lovely space to have in your home. I absolutely love how you have decorated it too. That bench is perfect for the space.(I am so crushin' on the burlap pillow too) I laughed when you said it was the only place we would find gold in your house. I am like that too, usually if it's gold, it's not too long before it becomes white, but somethings are just meant to be left gold. I have a gold mirror too that I can't bear to paint.
I loved your previous post. You are such a special person and it made you even more specail to me, to read about how you started at MM. SOmetimes hard things are given to us to help us find who we really are. And you are really beautiful!

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hello dear Sissy!

I did read your post from yesterday, and planned on coming back to post a comment. So glad you are feeling better now, and that everything worked out for you! I have been in that same boat sweetie. Love that you started a blog and I have gotten to meet you. I would paint the chest white. It's beautiful! Your little kitty is soooo pretty. Our bunny was those same colors.

Debbie from NJ

Marydon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marydon said...


So glad you are feeling better today ... you can always call me to talk, Sissie ... I am here for you.

You are such a beautiful person, Sissie. So enjoy all the beautiful creations you share with us, your talent is over the moon ... love them all.
I got dumped! Oh, my!

So glad that you are feeling better today ... I am always here for you if you want to talk. Have walked in those shoes ...

Your entryway is lovely, I'd paint that Bombay a creamy white in a heartbeat, but not white white.

I love your creations, Sissie. They are so sweet. Kit-kat is beautiful.
At times it is only necessary to rest one's self in silence for a few minutes, in order to take the pressure off & become wonderfully refreshed. (Dresser)

Happy PS Saturday ~

Marydon said...

First it dumps my message, then it has dumpered part of this one ... oy!

Hugs, love you, sweet friend ~ Marydon

Leann said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leann said...

Hey Sissie

I LOVE your terrarium! Oh it's all I could focus on and I couldn't wait till you did a close up! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!


Passionate for White said...

Such a pretty entryway. As much as I love white I'm not sure about painting the bombay because everything looks so nice as it is.

Mari said...




One Cheap B*tch said...

Love those beachy finds and so happy to hear you are feeling better!


Carole said...

The entry looks wonderful and the terrarium looks great with seashells.
Glad you're feeling less blue. I know winter can get ppl down. Soon Spring will be here.
C the shots of the kitties

Ginger said...

Glad you are feeling more cheery. You've come a long way BaBy!! Your pillows are just awesome. I am especially drawn to the one with the lace on it in your entry way. Just beautiful. Hope your son is doing better, I know what that is like, and we as Mothers can't do anything but worry when they are sick.
Big Hugs to you Sissie,

Cat & Cricket said...

How bout a big "I LOVE YA!"
and you are torturing me with the mermaids again!!
Hope things are better....
I/we are always here..

Diane said...

Sissie, sending hugs for your sad feelings. It's "that" time of year when cabin fever strikes. Me too every so often - especially if the sun isn't shining. I don't mind so much on snowy days, but days that it just does nothing and the earth is all brown....I've been listening to flamenco music to cheer me up! It works! I even want to dance (when no one's watching, as they say!). I listen to Pandora and have created a music station with Omar Akram's sounds and other flamenco musicians are also played. Lovin' it! It's hard to feel sad when guitars are playing something that makes me want to move my feet!

The Tin Rabbit said...

Sissi...Glad you are feeling better~I think the "blue bug" has been going around. I love,love,love your beautiful chest and think it would be gorgeous in an antique white..very cottage chic~ either way, looks wonderful!

Linda said...

Sissie, I say keep the bombay chest as is....what beautiful detailed artwork on it. It is nice to have something just a little off beat that just doesn't go with the rest of the furniture.
Hope you are feeling better....just think, spring is around the corner.

Pink Princess said...

LOVE the pillows on your bench, so uhm ruffly lol ♥ Thanks for visiting. I have a chest that looks like yours, the chest of drawers I mean OOPS lol. Only I painted mine pink sometime ago ♥

Glad to read you are feeling better

Hugs from Marian

Sharon Wengel said...

You know me ,I vote for white ! You are already in a cell for that offence , so what can it hurt ?

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Forgot to tell you how much we love that pink tea cup print - it is PERFECT!
Your entry is beautiful - simple and elegant - the chest would be great painted...but the color of it now does match the cane in your's a toss up!

clustres said...

I'm going to be watching! I have a gold bombay chest I've been thinking of painting too!

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