Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Booth Stuff.

Hi Bloggerettes!  I haven't much to show you because I've been busy trying to get our house in top shape so we can get it on the market.  All of those shows on HGTV recommend decluttering and simplifying your home and I'm having trouble doing it.  I just can't live without my stuff!  I know you understand.  The experts all say that if we have too much stuff that the potential buyer will be distracted, I'm not convinced but I agree to put away a few things until it sells.

I'm also out looking for things for my booths and painting!

I found this old chair and decided to just whitewash the seat and leave it as is.....

This little side chair got a brushing of chantilly lace and a lot of sanding.

Two little side tables, the one on the left painted by me and on the right, painted by Peggie.

Just finished painting this large mirror.  It has really pretty ornate detailing on the frame.

Gizzy says hi!

Well, that's it, back to painting!  In the meantime be sure and get out there and create, bake, sew, write, repurpose, paint, garden or find something wonderful and share it with all of us!



Inmacu. said...

Preciosa imágenes, tan shabby
buen día......

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Beautiful pieces, Sissie! I love that chair where you just white washed the seat ~ the back is very interesting with those pieces of metal at the top.

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

Hi Sissie! Your house is just drop dead gorgeous!! I bet it sells in a heartbeat! Happy painting:)

trash talk said...

While I sincerely covet your living room...I don't envy you having to pack it all up. The idea of moving would paralyze me!
How on earth you find the time to do all you do is beyond my imagination.

Debbie said...

Hi Sissie...I don't know how you could part with your gorgeous house, but I'm sure where ever you are, you will decorate the place to look even more beautiful.
LOVE all of your booth furniture!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I don't always agree with what they say about decluttering. Your beautiful home is an exception because it is not cluttered but just decorated beautifully! I sold my house to the first person that looked at it 2 days before Christmas with all of our holiday decorating sitting around. Luckily they came at dusk when all the twinkle lights were lit and I had subtle holiday music on in the background! Maybe I just got lucky...I don't know. I love your new header and the chairs are really lovely with the whitewashing!~ Hugs, Patti

Alaina said...

Sissie, your home is beautiful. I wish you luck in selling. I love the treasures you are selling. Have a wonderful week.

Ⓙ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

There are other things to take into consideration when you're decluttering to sell. If, like you, someone lives in a lovely home and has lovely, tasteful things that will appeal to other women (women tend to be the final decision makers when home buying) then you're fine. As long as the eye has a place to rest and you don't have Elvis on black velvet..... :)

Thrifty Chic said...

If I was in the market to buy a house I'd want yours as is!

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Sissie your living room looks fantastic!! I loved seeing your fireplace shelves and the mirror over the mantle is perfect! What a bright sunny space. You will sell in a heartbeat!

Sylvia said...

Hi Sissie, it's so hard to put away pretty things when your trying to sell a home, I personally LIKE to see the other persons style.

Your booth is sure going to look pretty with all those things you've been working on.


Anonymous said...

LOVE that first chair!!! Just thinking about what I would have to do if we were putting our house on the market and moving, OMG, it would take me MONTHS just to declutter/pack my creative space, LOL

So many people I know are putting their house on the market . . one day. The economy and real estate here are in the tank big time!

I hope you have a wonderful week!


Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Oh Sissie, I love your house as it is... doesn't look cluttered to me... just beautiful.
Hugs~~~ Daphne

Char said...

Sissie, I too have heard that a house should be down sized to sell. I think your home is lovely and that is enough to make someone want to live there.
Your booth has the most beautiful items for sale. You have a way with the talent and it all looks so inviting, Char

Petite Michelle Louise said...

your home is so gorgeous. some very lucky people will scoop it up soon i'm sure! love all your painted pieces! my...you've been busy!

Shelia said...

Hi Sissieness! Oh, I know it's hard to put away our things! Your home is so beautiful with all your pretties around and I think it would make your house easier to sell because it's gorgeous! Good luck on the sell of your home.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Pamela said...

Sissie your home is perfect and i wouldn't change a thing! It's not junky cluttered...it is perfectly style to show the true elegance of the home!
I'd buy it in a minute!!

Pamela xo

Collected Treasures...for the home, heart and soul said...

We work way too hard, Sissie......my husband says when they open me up my insides are going to be coated with white paint :) It all looks wonderful, but I know how hard it is before it gets to that point....good job!

Blondie's Journal said...

I must have missed a post, I didn't know you were moving! I don't know how I would get through all my clutter, I love it all! I do wish you the best of luck though!

Love the pretty tables and the mirror is gorgeous! Paint away! :-)


NanaDiana said...

Sissie- Having lived in, rehabbed and sold a dozen houses I can tell you that de-clutter means different things to different people. De-cluttering means getting rid of JUNK CLUTTER & family photos and "hobby items" and collections that are only interesting to the collector. What you have is staged and NOT junky. Anyone can see through what you have to see the bones of the house...and that is the real selling point. If the rest of your house looks like your living room you are "good to go". Now put some cinammon spices on simmer and SELL THAT HOUSE! xo Diana

Cindy said...

Your living room is so so pretty, oh my goodness. And, i love the little chair that you left raw on the top and painted the bottom, in my eyes, that was the perfect way to treat it, and the little bee pillow is wonderful!


June said...

Hi Gizzy and Sissie!
I'm not sure I agree with the experts on this one either, because I love seeing how others live in the home and it gives me an idea of what it can be. I remember when my brother and his wife sold their last two houses and how impersonal they felt when they staged them to sell.

I am laughing about how you get excited over having your carpets cleaned. I am the same way. Nothing better than having the carpets done.
I hope your week is going great and that you are doing well my friend.
sending hugs...

A Vintage Green said...

Love your new header. Delicious.
Great stuff in your booths.
Great stuff in your home.
- Joy

Helen said...

I know about the decluttering advice .. but in your case I think your decor may enhance the prospective buyer's impression.

Passionate for White said...

That first chair....the one you just white-washed...it's awesome! "Catch a Wave and You're Sitting on Top of the World".... you'll see that sign in my kitchen reveal soon!

Lululiz said...

Your home is so beautiful, how could people not love it? I wouldn't change a thing in it.

Girl in Pink said...

Hi Sissie! Oh how I love visiting you and I was so happy to see a comment from you this afternoon...and to have your approval on the dark wood furniture! I admire your style and come to you often for inspiration, so it's always a thrill to hear from you! Your home is gorgeous and all of your new treasures are so fabulous! I especially love the unusual chair with the whitewashed seat! Have a lovely week!
Best Wishes and Blessings,

KATHY said...

Hi Sissie, Your living room is so gorgeous! I would buy your house in a minute.


Maureen said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty! I love your curvy sofa and great call on the whitewashing.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Hi Gizzy! Love the chairs Sissy! I think your house is just gorgeous and your decorating will help with the sale!


My Grama's Soul said...

Hi Sissy....looks likes things are really changing in your world. Selling and packing are always an exciting time....good luck.



Anonymous said...

Hi Sissy,

Oh, I didn't know you were selling your home. It is beautiful! I agree with the others, and yours is not cluttered. Love the new chairs! Good luck in selling it! Where are you moving?


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Your living room is just magazine-worthy! And you've got to tell me where you got the beautiful mercury glass hurricane globe ~ I sooo need one of those! Gizzy may just be the cutest kitty ever ~ shhh, don't tell my Muffin!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Debra@Common Ground said...

Oh gosh, I LOVE those chairs!!! and your new header! Hope you're having a great week.
xoxo Debra

Dorthe said...

Hi sweet, oh it must be hard trying to seel , and then even have to put away what you love --
But I know the experts say the same here in DK-about the simplicity -are eaysier sold.....
I love the chairs you are selling- they looks wonderful-love the whitewashed seat-- and your side tables,too--
Dear Sissie, I wish you luck-sweetie.

Mary Ellen said...

I cannot think you will have any problem selling your lovely home Sissie! The only problem may be that they want you to leave all your pretties there so it will look as pretty them!!

bee blessed

Cyndy said...

your living room is perfection, worthy of anyone walking in and gasping in "ahhhh". I so much appreciate your casual elegance and creativity.

The only problem I see is the new buyer(s)will come in and say "I'll take this home just as it is with everything in it".

You'll have to share with us lookie-loos your entire home before it sells. Do I dare ask, why o why would u move from this gorgeousness unless its settling to downsizing as the kidz grow and move on.

Cyndy's Beach House

Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

If I were a buyer, I would get distracted by all of your loveliness. Your home looks so inviting. I admire your commitment to white, light furnishings. You have taken so many vintage things and made them look fresh and contemporary. Best of luck on selling your home! Hugs, Kim

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I didn't know that you were moving...staying in NC? I'm sure you are busy in your booths with all the summer traffic...your items are all so very nice and thanks for sharing them at my party.


All That Glitters said...

Your home is so lovely!! I would love to see your booth in person!

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