Monday, July 25, 2011

Still have more yellow paint!

Hi Bloggerettes!  Still continuing with the yellow!! And, I'm glad that it's back in my life!  I used to decorate quite a lot with yellow and have several upholstered pieces in the family room.
I found this little plain white chair at the thrift.  All it needed was a new cover.  So, I puffed it up a little and added yellow toile that I ordered from

By the way, sense you asked, this yellow paint color is called Daisy Yellow by Lowe's Olympic paints.  It is from the line called Del Sol energetic.  I also use the mocha glaze which is also available at Lowes.

Then, while my paint brush was still wet, I slapped some yellow paint on the seats of these handpainted chairs.  They were a green color that looked a little outdated.  Voila!

These two chairs flank the entryway table.

These upholstered chairs have been in my home for many years.  They now reside in the family room.

I also went through a pear loving period!

I found this heart shell mirror in another booth.  All it needed was some more seashells.  Now it's all beachy and happy.
Picture is not so great, but you get the idea. 

Okee dokee, that's it.  Get out there and create, make, sew, paint, cook, draw, write, decorate, repurpose, photograph and find something wonderful and share it with us!



Victoria said...

I just love your mirror on the sideboard, it's gorgeous! Your pear chair is just too cute! Yellow is such a happy color:)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

The shell mirror is so pretty. Love that sweet soft yellow. Funny how we go through 'stages' in our decorating tastes.

Brenda ~ Shabby Cats and Roses said...

Hi Sissie :) Yellow is such a fresh color, and liven's up the home ~ makes it feel all "summery?" ~ your chairs are wonderful, and I too love that gorgeous mirror on your sideboard!!

Have a great week!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Good morning Sissie,
I LOVE the yellow! It's always been a favourite colour of mine but I don't decorate with it because it's hard to find here where I live and I don't sew; so.... Love the toile chair! How gorgeous it looks with your pretty curvy sofa! Have a delightful day.


Amy @MaisonDecor said...

It is fun pulling out the old pretties isn't it! And you have some lovely old furniture Sissie!! It all looks so charming!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love the yellow. It always looks so happy. You find some of the neatest things and you always do such a great job painting and redoing them. Hugs, Marty

Barb~Bella Vista Cottage said...

Hi Sissie, it is ALL so pretty. The blue washed chest in my favorite. That is sooooo gorgeous!

I love your light 'touch.'

Barb ♥

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I am loving all this yellow added back in. The plaid and pear chairs are wonderful additions. Love your foyer vignette.

Stella said...

LIke your new chair. Cute pear chair. Love yellow and use lots of it in my home.

GWENNY said...

Love your soft shade of yellow. Those uphosltered chairs look very comfy!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Those hand painted chairs are beautiful, Sissie! Painting the seat was a great idea and the yellow goes really well with the design.

Sylvia said...

Everything looks lovely, yellow always brings a smile to my face.


Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Sissie,
Me too, I love yellow! I have a lot of it around the house and have yellow walls too....
Love, Love your darn cute! They look great in your entryway...
Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I'm not usually a fan of yellow, but you have picked the yummiest, buttery, beautiful shade of yellow ever! Very pretty!!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Everything is very pretty Sissie! Love the chairs with the green spindles! Hope you're staying cool:@)

Blondie's Journal said...

I love everything, Sissie, especially the toile fabric. You are SO creative, I'd love just an ounce of it!!


Cindy said...

Omg, your shell mirror is heavenly, and i LOVE your family room chairs, they are adorable and so comfy looking. Still loving the curtains too...
Thanks for sharing the paint color, it is totally the perfect yellow...


Marydon said...

Sissie, your decor & treasures as just gorgeous ... as are you. So talented, a keen eye & pull it all together beautifully. I love am not a yellow lover, but the shades you have used are enticing ...

Love your kitty-cat's. So chic!

Hope all is well with you ...have missed you.
Hugs, Marydon

Riet said...

Hi SIssie. Gorgeous yellow and your house looks so sunny. I love those handpainted chairs and the drawer chest. Beautiful alltogether.

Grace said...

Yellow is such a happy alive color! I always enjoy your decor. The shell mirror is so pretty and love the pear chair! Have a wonderful week, Grace

Dorthe said...

Hi sweet Sissie, -my family have gone home again- miss them,-

but here I am :)
I love your yellow/soft blue furnitures, they are so Sweedish, (Schandinavish) and very beautiful.

Shelia said...

Love your color, Sissieness! Beautiful chairs and I love your vignette in your entry.
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

Carole said...

I agree I'm not ready to get rid of yellow either. I have that same yellow toile fabric though I never did make anything with it. My dining room is still yellow and very french.


Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Your home is so cute and inviting. I love that shell mirror!

Sweet Meanderings said...

You have such beautiful chairs! Yellow is such a warm inviting color too. I love the sea shell mirror too!

Theresa said...

I don't have much yellow here at 612 but you make me wonder why I don't! Everything looks fabulous Sissie... your booth must be a popular place right now! The green luggage is the perfect green isn't it? t. xoxoxo

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Okee, dokee, I thought I was the only one that said that! I am thinking yellow is the way to go, That fabric is gorgeous!


Debbie said...

I was never much of a yellow fan but you make me want to go out and re-decorate - what beautiful ideas you have.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

hi sissie! you have such wonderful taste and such a knack at pulling things together to look so fresh and gorgeous! oh yes, i recall the pierre deux influence for the yellows and fruit fabrics..well, that is my spin on the look at least. so glad you kept those pieces because they fit right in with all of the other soft and pretty things

love those green luggage pieces!! gotta keep those customers happy - that is what i have been for the shop!


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Lovin' that beautiful seashell mirror!!!


Biljana said...

I love your yellow toile and gorgeous, so beautiful chairs:-)
Hugs, Biljana

PⒿ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

What I would give for you to come to my house and help me design some of my spaces! Your attention to fine detail is incredible....and that's what I need. Love the chairs and the vignette of which they're part.

KarenHarveyCox said...

I love yellow and I am so in love with the first chair. You did a beautiful job, and I love all of your handiwork. I am all thumbs when it comes to painting furniture, no less trying to change the fabric. Thank you for the link, lots of inspiration at


Collected Treasures...for the home, heart and soul said...

I have always said "go with what you love" instead of following what other's tell you you should love. Absolutely beautiful, Sissie.....I'm sure everyone that comes to view your home falls in love!

June said...

I love the yellow in my home Sissie. I too love the color and I have this huge chair and a half that is yellow. It just adds 'happy' to the house!
BTW, I loved your Gizzie and Gabby post. What pretty little kitties they are.
I am going to take your advice and get some creating done today.
sending hugs...

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Your things are lovely. I could move right in and not change a thing. The yellow toile is stunning. I'm going to check it out from right now. Thanks for sharing!

Honey at 2805 said...

I love yellow. It's always so cheerful! Everything looks lovely, as usual.

Hope you will please drop by and enter my $50 Gift Card Giveaway!! If there are 500 entries, they will increase the Gift Card to $100.

Sharing Shadymont said...


Thanks for your visit! I, too love how you're adding the yellows. So sunny and pretty! You always inspire me.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Hi Sissie! You have a lovely shade of yellow. I like your pear phase too. Tres francais. That shell mirror is one of the prettiest I've seen. I've always wanted one. They're amazingly heavy! It's all very pretty together.

Cat & Cricket said...

Sissie~ Love what you did with "yellow".. but should I expect anything less from you!
You are fabulous!!!!

☼Carolina Artesanías☼ said...

¤.°.¤*(¯`°) NICE!!)°´¯)*¤.°.¤

Sares said...

I am loving the yellow. Your pear chair is fun! Great chairs flanking the chest in the entry too. You have so many great seating options!!! I am also loving the green luggage in your previous post. I bought some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in that color. Have a terrific day of creating!

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Love, love, love the yellow! And also love the chairs!! All of them! So pretty!

Lou Cinda

Karena said...

Sissie I adore Everything you have done! I love yellow as well!! It is soft, light and so perfect with all of your lovely pieces!


Art by Karena

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

You make me want to run to town to Lowes and buy me this Daisy color. I love your yellow period your in these days.
Love how you always create the most beautiful pieces.
Sissie can't tell you how much I appreicate your sweet comment about my loosing my job. I know with friends like you I will be able to get back on my feet.
Have a wonderful weekend

Conspicuous Style Design Blog said...

Hi Sissie, I am SO glad I found your blog. I've been reading it for at least an hour. I'm your newest follower and a big fan! I hope you'll visit me ometime!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!

Thanks so much for coming by the Back Porch and your wonderful, much appreciated comment about the cabinet project!

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