Sunday, October 16, 2011

Warning.....Fluffing the Booth may be hazardous to your health!!!

Hi Bloggerettes.  I'm going to tell you a story and here goes.  Mind you I might take a little poetic license in the telling.

Today, Peggie and I were fluffing up our booths.  I was wrestling with a five tiered shelf that was giving me fits.  Well, Peggie joins in and we both cannot get this stupid shelf together.  After many tries and total frustration we finally got it together.

Now I don't know about you, especially you more mature bloggerettes, but getting down on the floor  and on my knees doesn't work well for me anymore.  It's not the getting down part that's hard, it's the gettin up!! LOL!

But as fate would have it the only way we could get this shelf together was to get down on the floor.  I'll set the stage by saying that  Peggie is no bigger than a pound of soap and me, well let's just say that there's a lot more of me!

Peggie jumps right up off the floor like it was nothing.  But when I go to get up I have to have something to hold onto, like a chair or cabinet or something.  But nothin doin.  Peggie's determined she's going to help me up.  LOL, what a site to behold !  She's tuggin and pullin and I'm sayin, "just let me crawl over here to this chair and brace myself and I can get up!"  Nothin doin for Pegs.  She is determined she's going to help me up.  By this time we are both laughing, huffing and puffing. I finally crawl over to the chair and pull myself up.  (Wears me out just talking about it!)

We are sure that we could star in a reality show called, "JUNKIN GIRLS IN THEIR SIXTIES!"

We would wear funky clothes!  Those young gals got nothin on us!

We did manage to get some fluffin done.  How do you like our Prairie Girl....
She needed boots and a hat, but when I came back to add them, the top had already sold.  So now she looks like this....

 Borrowed the suede vest from another vendor.....perfect Prairie perfection!!

Okay, that's it for my weekend antics.
Get out there this week and create, make, sew, paint, decorate, write, photograph, sew, crochet, knit and find something wonderful and share it with all of us!



Polly said...

Ha! love it! I fell in the garage about a month ago and my knee still hasn't healed up. Must have bruised it deep down. I really struggle to get up once I'm down because of this bum knee. Getting older is not much fun!!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

lol lol Sounds waaaay too familiar, Sissie! I try not to get on the floor in public 'cause getting back up isn't a pretty picture! lol Love the fluffing! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

Marydon said...

You are too cute! I can picture myself doing my acrobats also. Love all the clothes, Sissie. Your shop decor is fab!

Hope this finds all well with you.
Have a beautiful week ~

Betty Sneeringer said...

Sounds like you had a fluffin and huffin fun day!

Revi said...

I'm right there with you, Sissie! Gimme a chair...

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Sissie, that is so funny. Thanks for the laugh. I needed that!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Haha, Sissie! Just be thankful that your fit of laughing did not bring on another issue! : ) Love the ruffles. We went to a Renaissance Fair today and I was loving all the outfits with ruffles.

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh Sissy, oh goodness sweet lady, I'm sorry to laugh, but that image is hysterical! You are too funny! Your fluffing was fabulous dahlink!


beachgypsy said...

If half the young women in society had your keen sense of style and the talent of pulling things together! You are awesome and I adore reading your posts. Keep it up lady...everything looks gorgeous<3

A Vintage Green said...

So true on the up from down.
Your booth is, as always, stunning.
- Joy

NanaDiana said...

Sissie- OMGosh- can I relate to that! And for's when I get down I have one leg that cramps up the back of my thigh and I think I am going to die before I get back up!;>) Well, we may not be as cute as we used to be but we are sure a lot smarter!...that's my story and I'm sticking to it! xo Diana

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey I know exactly what your talking about. Once I get down it takes a while to get back up again. lol

June said...

You and Peggie would make a reality show I would finally watch Sissie, that is for sure!!!
I am in love with the skirt on your manny. Vintage beauty!
hugs from here...

Claudia said...

Oh yes. Getting up? A struggle. And my knees don't like the hard floor. I'm glad you made it through the day safely!


Annie Louise said...

Oh Sissie--my sister and I are right there with you. If there is not a chair, counter, a pole, something sturdy to pull ourselves up we would be stuck down on that floor for hours. Thanks for your post, it is good to know we are not the only ones who hate getting down on the floor :) Take and my your week be filled with nothing but standing up or at the very least sitting in a chair chore.

Cindy said...

You totally made me laugh out loud. Uhhhh, yeah, i need something to push on to get up too... For a minute i thought you were gonna say you both ended up on the floor... too funny
Like my mom used to say, "gettin old ain't for wimps"...


Blondie's Journal said...

I can just imagine you too, but I'm not laughing because I, tto, avoid getting down on the floor. It takes a lot of tricky maneuvers to get back up!!

Love prairie girl and her cute outfit!!


Karen said...

That sounds too familiar lol. I avoid getting down on the floor at all cost, and when I do the grunting and groaning and snorting is not pretty. Ahh the joys of aging.

Peggy57 said...

lol! I can totally relate I have the same problem and its funny talking about it but not funny when your down there and can't find anyone or anything to help you get back up! Love your prairie girl.

Riet said...

OH LOL Sissie, you made me laugh and I am so glad there are more people like me not to be able to get up properly. LOL . You said :let me embrace that chair" LOL . I do use that trick too after first trying to get to the chair on my two new knees which is the hardest part. LOl Oh my........
I love that prairy girl outfit and that lacy dres.
Have a nice week!

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Laughing to myself over this image in my head Sissie! I hope it was worth it in the end!! The prairie girl looks so cute!

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Hi Sissie, thanks for the laughs this morning. Hope you have a great week!!!
hugs~~ Daphne

trash talk said...

LOL...I totally sympathize. When I get down on the floor I have to get up using my "ten point stance" and try and point my rear away from an audience!
Love this story and the laughs.
P.S. Even though I'm a senior, that laundry would have charged me double to wash and vacuum me after I came back from the big show.

Collected Treasures...for the home, heart and soul said...

Boy can I relate....LOL.....gorgeous blouse...I'm not surprised it was already sold.

Paint Me White said...

Sissie your booth is looking amazing as always. I wanted to ask you about your price tags. Do you make them up yourself. I am after some new ones for my booth and loved yours. Sandy x

Lisa said...

You are soooo funny! I'm sitting here on the couch giggling & my family is just looking at me thinking I'm nuts again. I can SO see y'all- you on her shoulders,her pushin' your booty up into the rafters! Here's the pilot episode of your show,
'The Golden Girl's in Buyer, Haulin' & Bawlin'
PS Can I direct that episode?

Sharon said...

Ha Ha ! Been down there on the floor too ! Know what your saying !

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