Monday, October 8, 2012

Finding Inspiration among the mess...

Hi lovely bloggers!  I've missed you.  I want you to know that among the mess there is some beauty and inspiration.  Even though this is what my living room looks like right now, I'm hoping in time it will look prettier. 

Some of you might remember the painter, Eldin on Murphy Brown.
He stayed and stayed and never left....well, I've got one of those.
We are rather fond of him, but I sure wish he'd finish the job!

In the meantime I've hung up a few of my mirrors just to get them off the floor....It's a mess in here...but a beautiful mess.
Even though things are a mess and there is much work to be done, I've still found some inspiration. 
Remember this tea cup print?  I found this lovely fabric that I'm thinking of using to create panels for the dining room.  So, I'm slowly getting back my creative mojo.

We have decided to completely gut the master bathroom and start all over again.  The demolition will start next week.  So it's gonna be a little rough around here.  As Lauren Bacall says to Bogart..."It's gonna be a very bumpy ride!"

I'm in such a good mood today that I'm joining the party at Coastal Charm's Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays!




Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love seeing the mirrors up, Sissie! Is that your dining room? It looks like a lovely room. You'll get there. This is a good time for you to get a feel for the rooms while you are waiting on the painting to get done. Love that fabric. It would be wonderful for panels.

Riet said...

That Mirror wall is gorgeous Sissie. I am sure it will all be beautiful.

Shelia said...

Hi Sissie! Oh, I can't wait to see your lovely home. The mirrors look so pretty. You do have the prettiest things! :)
Take your time and I'm very excited for you getting your home just the way you want it.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Sissie your mirror wall looks beautiful!! LOVE that fabric!

Cindy said...

Ahhh Sissy, it's so good to see you. I can already see it getting beautiful with all your pretty things. I know that's not a permanent placement of the mirrors on the wall, but boy do they look pretty like diamonds hanging there. I like your wall color too...!


Claudia said...

You'll make it all beautiful, Sissy, I know you will.


Blondie's Journal said...

I remember Eldin!! How funny!

Your mirrors look so pretty and I just know everything is going to come together beautifully. If I could enlarge any room it would be my bedroom...

Keep the pictures coming, sweet lady! What a ride!


Sharing Shadymont said...

That fabric is gorgeous! That will make beautiful panels. Your mirrors look good. Can't wait to see everything!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Good to see your post--be sure and show us your bedroom progress--I love projects like that. Your mirrors are so pretty--you do have a beautiful mess! Good luck with your creative mojo:)

Kathy said...

A little bumpy ride is worth the outcome girlfriend.
Enjoy the of my favorite things...creating a new room!
Love the mirrors...delishiousness.
xo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornins...

Kathy said...

A little bumpy ride is worth the outcome girlfriend.
Enjoy the of my favorite things...creating a new room!
Love the mirrors...delishiousness.
xo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornins...

Kathy said...

A little bumpy ride is worth the outcome girlfriend.
Enjoy the of my favorite things...creating a new room!
Love the mirrors...delishiousness.
xo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornins...

Lucille said...

It will be messy for a while, Sissy, but you're surrounded by all your beautiful things and your creative mojo has returned. So relieved for you!

Carolyn said...

The mirrors look great! Hope the ride isn't too bumpy. I know it will all be so nice when it is done.

Take care,

Leann said...

Just keep picturing the end result///

Hope that is starts to come together faster for you!

Love to see how your creativity is coming back to life!!


Candylei said...

It looks great and I love the mirrors too! Can't wait to see what else you've been up too. ;-)

chateau chic said...

Looks like you're in the middle of some very pretty changes. It'll be fun to see the end result.
Mary Alice

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Happy to see ya at my party...lookng forward to seeing the panels that you are working on.


The Polka Dot Closet said...

First, I hope the painter is gorgeous since he appears to have moved in....Oh, gut a bathroom...patience girl, and that teacup print, yep I remember it, I saw yours, copy cat...I bought it!

Hang in there girl!


Bente said...

Yeh, you are right. A beautiful mess. Your mirrors are gorgeous. Love your table too.


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

We all know you Sissie and we are confident this is going to be a beautiful place in the near future! I am so anxious to see the results!~Hugs, Patti

White Weathered Hutch, said...

Just think how lovely it will be when you are finished. You need to scramble some eggs to make a great omelet.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

It's great to see that work is getting done and you are moving forward. It will be beautiful but first there's that 'bumpy ride'!! Hugs, Linda

Debbie said...

Oh Sissie, thank you for your encouraging message yesterday.
I needed to hear it.
I came over to see how your move went.
Looks like you are making progress.
All of your work will be such a labor of love once it's all finished.
How nice that you are so close to your sister!!!
I love what you've done so far!!

Okio B Designs said...

It is a beautiful mess! And I use the word mess loosely. For me a mess is legos, toys, food, paper, crayons, etc. everywhere. That's a typical mess for me. ;)


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Love the mirrored wall, Sissie. Pretty soon your new home will be all Sissiefied and we'll all want to come for a visit! Glad things are moving ahead and you have panels in mind from that sweet fabric. Wishing you a delightful day.


Dorthe said...

Dear Sissie, the mirrors hanging ,already makes the room look so you,
I know it will be such a beautiful place very soon.
Wish you happy hours creating ,painting and decorating,sweet.

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

I"m loving what I'm seeing already..... YOU GO GIRL!!!

Sares said...

I can just imagine how overwhelmed you've been! I know your home will be beautiful when are finished. I can't wait to see your space when it's up and running too, it's always a favorite of mine! How fun you get to partner with your sister too!

Beverly said...

I know it will all be beautiful - just like you.♥

Tammy said...

I'm glad to see you are able to find beauty and creativity amongst the chaos. Best wishes as you continue to settle into your new home. :) Tammy

20 North Ora said...

Looks like you are making progress! Your mirror wall is beautiful.


Object of Maya*ffection said...

I remember Eldin - loved him! Can't wait to see it all done!!

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