Friday, March 10, 2017

About that Homeless Person Standing at the Stop Light...

Ever have those days when you can't seem to do anything right?  You know when your hair just looks awful, your jeans are too tight and you leave the house without your cellphone????  You feel agitated with yourself.  And then you drive down the street and see a homeless person, wearing a sign asking for money right there at the stop light.   You think to yourself, is that person just scamming people or are they really in need, or perhaps, are they an Angel testing you.  I choose to think it's a test from God to see if you are willing to help others in need.  
So, I always give them whatever I happen to have in my wallet and say a little prayer of thanks for all the Blessings in my life.
What do you do when you see them.  Do you think they are really angels placed in your sight, or do you think they are running a scam?  I'm not talking about all of them, I'm just talking about the one that is placed right in your sight.  What do you do?

Anyway, nuff said about that.  I shopped the house to create this corner where nothing ever seems to work.
Then created some Bunny Cloches for the shop.  My poor shop space has been so neglected since the beginning of my son's illness. Also my Blog has been neglected too.  I'm sure I've lost readers, and can't say that I blame them.  But if you are still hanging in with me, then I say thank you for the support.

Speaking of my son, again, I want to thank all of you dear ones that have supported his long journey with Crohns.  Jeff's Go Fund Me Account. has helped with some of his medical bills and for that we are so thankful.  Although the bills are still stacking up and we have not reached our goal, we have faith that we will get through this. If you would like to read Jeff's story just click on Jeff's Go Fund Me above.  Again, thank you all so much. 



Linda @ A La Carte said...

Sissie I am so conflicted by the stop light beggers. I see them all the time, the same one's and I can't help but wonder if it's a scam. I seldom give them anything but I do wonder. Glad Jeff is hanging in there. Life is so crazy right now but God is there with us. Hugs.

Karen Ann said...

I live on a shoreline and often see people asking for a donation at the lights in the shopping centers. I don't always give but sometimes yes, I'm not sure which times something tell me it should be done and those other times when I dont' feel it's genuine need. I suppose who am I to judge, though, right? I also see it as - they don't feel comfortable standing out there asking for money and more than I would, it's not what they would have wanted, so there must be a dire need.

I hope your son is improving and able to enjoy more of his life - and what a lovely area you have created there, you are very gifted.

20 North Ora said...

It is so sad that we have to question a person's asking for money for food and/or lodging. We have them on every corner and I try to do my best to help, Recently one of the TV stations did a special and them and it implied that most of them were scammers - earning up to $1000 per day. It said to watch their signs - a lot of them are identical - made up in mass from people who do nothing but take these people to various sites and leave them for the day giving them a small % of their earnings. So sad that we can't trust them all. but, then that is their problem and they have to account for it eventually. I still feel ever so often like the Lord is telling me to help and when I do, I feel good.

Praying for your son and his health.


Kathy Moreland said...

Beautiful corner! I love shopping the house, or I should say basement bins. I shopped one today, to bring up a few bunnies. Now they are predicting snow on Sunday for the N. GA mountains. I had a feeling the cold would come back. My mother always said, and I find it true, that is cool up to Easter. Jeff and you are in my prayers. I pray he is healed of this awful disease. Take care!!

Blondie's Journal said...

First---sending love and prayers for your son. I made it a point to pledge to the Go Fund Me account and I lost track. I feel it is important for us to add even a tiny bit to a fund or charity---it adds up. Just been in a little over my head lately. And I know how crazy you must be, my friend!

I have no hard or fast rules for the people I see at intersections or sitting on the sidewalk corners downtown. My husband gave me a bit of advice when I first stared working in downtown Chicago...always give to a veteran or a disabled person. No second guessing there.

Love to you, Sissie!

Jane x

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Sissie,
So glad to hear Jeff is doing better and is beginning his new treatments. Keeping him in my prayers.
I am of the belief too to help others in their time of need. Whether it is a scam peep or a real homeless person I will help in anyway I can. I just feel to pay it forward is the best way to be a good christian. Have a good weekend. Love that cow picture in your booth. Super sweet.

krishna said...

You are such sweet person with a big heart.. I always love you studio.. Hope your son is doing well now.. No doubt soon you'll recover from the crisis, and will pay all the bills.. A big hug XOXO

Amy Chalmers said...

I don't have a rule, I just go by my gut feeling when I give money to those asking and I have had one memorable exchange that validated the idea that many are truly in need. I may not get by to post comments, but girl you are from my beginnings of blogging and you will be on my blog roll as long as you blog!

Burlap Luxe said...

HI Sissie,
My prayers go out to Jeff, and all that is lending a hand in your drive for help! Blessed you will be.
As for your Conner I adore the look, your pony I was going to buy one when I saw one at our local Marshals store, but the tail was broken and a couple other issues so I passed. Now regret see yours here and I know I could have worked at a good enough repair. I don't think you are losing followers here, it's just the loyalties are leaning towards Instagram. I do love Instagram for various reasons but my heart still belongs to the closeness one can connect to in blogging.

To get me started on homeless is a whole other journey for us here, we get both scammers and the real heartbreaking helpless and I have been scammed by homeless, but I know when I do and feel that maybe I am I still give them a pep talk with a few words of God bless you! Perhaps these words will encourage good from them.
As for the ones that are truly in dispare crushes me. A couple of winters ago, a very kind non begging homeless man we would see often reject help, his name is Tony, we have gotten to know him due to where he takes shelter. Her is in his early 70's and lost everything along with his wife, he carries his bible and sits in the cold and reads it along with any related Christian books of worship. He has been mugged buy tugs who steal what ever has been given him in the past. Well one very late night a dusting of frost on the streets we noticed that he was covered in a tattered blanket, and a plastic tarp huddled in a fetal ball.

This was heart breaking to see, right before the holidays and how could my daughter and I go home to our little warm beds in our cottage life to think of him cold and aging? We at close to midnight went to Walmart this was when they were open 24 hours a day.... We then purchased him a below zero sleeping bag and a camping pillow and returned to him on the cold cement under a store light hoping this kept him safe. He was hesitant to except but we convinced him we cared, and we had no intent to pat our backs but we would not be able to sleep knowing he was cold.... It was then he took it blessing us! Yes his words were God bless you both.

Tony has become one to know, and we see him about camping in the bag we offered him here and there. He says he sleeps warmer now. We drop off food when we see him and have ordered pizza to then drop it off with a group he sits with from time to time. You kind of know the scammers as well as the suffering but all in all help is help, and it makes an impression one way or another.
Yes more often then not, we lend a hand, offer our change, buy a meal, and give what we can.
It's a vicious circle, and in a sense we all have one foot in the door as well as one out, anything could happen at any given moment to any of us sad to say.

Sissie, your kind heart, and your offering a homeless your spare change will come back to you in so many ways. One way was for me to read this post today, a kind reminder that we never know someone's dispare and a little help goes along way.

Blessings dear.
John 1:16
Grace upon grace


Kelly said...

I feel very uncomfortable when I see someone with a sign like that. I don't usually stop because I'm not a trusting person of strangers. I would rather help by donating to a church or charity directly. Some of these people have addictions and are using that money you give them for drugs or alcohol. I'm so sorry about your son's health problems. I have ulcerative colitis and have to take pills and get Remicade infusions for it. It's a life long battle.

Bluebird49 said...

Yes, I do know those days ... awful, horrible, thinning, dry hair days when I contemplate shaving it all off. I mean, what's a few strands anyway? ;)
I live in a very small town. There's a caution light, so I don't get the homeless people you do. But, when either I or my husband hear of something like a grandmother raising her three grandsons alone--we help as much as we can. We encouraged our church to help them, too, and they did. You've got people who've been closer to poverty growing up, and those who've never wanted for anything. (We belong to the former---both of us growing up poor.) People like us look back and remember a bag of hand me downs from an aunt; or a bag of oranges at Christmastime. Who treasure memories of putting out a plain shoe box on Christmas Eve, and waking up, knowing what Santa left. (An apple, an orange, nuts to crack, a "book" of Lifesavers, Christmas hard candies with gummy centers, a candy cane...and if the year had been a good one, a tiny doll for me and a football for my brothers. I don't know how we could have so happy and delighted, even, to get what we expected to get every Christmas---but I know we were! Our eyes gleamed.

My husband's family had almost nothing and were share croppers who had to move nearly every year, but his mother made delicious fruitcakes and pies for Christmas. They had nine children and visitors were always welcome eat with them.

The wealthier people in our church seemed to want a 'background check' done on the grandmother we told them about. I just can't think that way myself---I guess I don't think that clearly. I know the money and non-perishables things we gave them may not have gone toward the "right things", but when a gift leaves our hands, it's no longer ours. Yes, we could've used it ourselves, but it felt good to just help someone, and it has come back to us in different ways. You cannot "buy" your way into Glory, but Jesus taught love and mercy---forgiveness and giving. So, if it doesn't feel "right" to give to certain causes, or different people, try and pray for guidance from above. It's sometimes too tough a decision for us to give some homeless people help. Today's world is very different, dangerous one, and we need to be a bit more careful than when we were growing up. I guess if it just doesn't "feel right", you can find a charity that helps the poor, if you belong to a church that believes in missions---give in that way. Just think---there are many little ways---and it's just up to you, and everyone else whether or not to give at all.
That's my opinion, Diana, only mine! I just believe it's just up to everyone to do what they're comfortable with to help others in need! xoxo, Trudy

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