Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Sister's Majolica Collection

If you are a collector of Majolica or know what it is, then you know it is very rare, expensive and hard to come by.  My sister, Kim has one of the largest collections I've seen.  It all started with a picture in a decorating magazine, maybe it was Traditional Homes, not sure.  It was probably a 1998 issue that featured a beautiful room filled with colorful majolica pottery.  We were both hooked.  We scoured antique shops near and far in search of majolica.  She got the bug for collecting it and she ended up with
a bunch.  Mostly she collects the yellows and greens.
Notice the cabinet.  It's vintage and we came across it in an antique store way, way, way out in the boonies.  Don't you think it shows off her majolica big time beautiful?

She swore me to secrecy about what she paid for each piece, and I'll never tell.
She said that I could only divulge the real value to her husband if she should go first.

That's so he won't throw it out or heaven forbid, give it to his next wife.  I suggest she just will it to me.    He is under the mistaken impression that is just cheap, gaudy dishes that makes her happy.  Tee Hee.

Oh, I forgot to tell yall that she has a lot more in another cabinet.  But, that's another post.
Stay tuned.


Tracie said...

I have never heard of Majolica, but from what I see in your pic, it is beautiful!! I come from a china collecting family and this is the kind of thing that I love. How funny that her poor husband has no idea, very sneaky.

sissie said...

Hi Tracie,
I just love it when you come and visit me.
I try to look at your blog everyday and I admire your writing style and creativity.

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