Monday, January 4, 2010

Another View of my Livingroom

I have received so many wonderful compliments on my livingroom photo on my blog header.
I really appreciate it.  Some of you have asked for more photos of my home, so I took the picture
below to show you another view.  Our home is wideopen and wall to wall windows, so decorating is
a challenge.

I am thinking about redoing it somewhat by adding a little color so any comments and suggestions, ideas would be appreciated.  There are so many of you who are super creative and I love your homes as well.
All of you continue to inspire me to make my home more beautiful and I thank you for being my buddies.

~~hugs and more hugs~~

Oh, I have one more thingee to show yall today.....
remember the little pot I found at GW (on the right)
Well, look at the big pot I found!!
I added another fleur-de-lis design
and there ya go.......instant ooh-la-la!!!

Ok, that's enough for today, be back later with
more great finds!


Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

I just love those pots!!!

You have such a beautiful home, Sissie! It could easily be on the cover of any decorating magazine!! I am sure you will receive wonderful ideas for incorporating color. For some reason I'm seeing robin egg blue . . . I know, I know, I'm not seeing pink, what's up with that!?!?

Have a super day!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Sissie Sweetie...
Don't you dare touch that white. Oh my gosh, it is so beautiful, no color. Only the curtains and accessories, I love the white. If I could have a room, it would be yours for sure. I so love it. It is so fresh, so clean and serene. L-O-V-E, love it.

Now where are you getting those fleur-de-lis decals for your pottery because I am sure loving those. Tell me please.

By the way, I am so in love with Gabby. Absolutely precious. Beautiful coat and color.
Love the eyes.

Have a beautiful Monday sweetie. We are supposed to have another 70(ish) day. I love it, as I know the heat will be here soon enough again.

Country hugs and so much love, Sherry


Your room looks like it should be on a magazine cover!!! I love everything about it! I wouldn't change a thing. Love your new good will pot. Can we see your kitchen next? Blessings!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Sissie, your home is so lovely. I agree with Marsha. I would say add touches of very pale blue to your decor. Your home really should be in Southern Living magazine.

Have a wonderful day,
LuLu Kellogg
Coastal Sisters

Kendall at Finesse Your Nest said...

I love your living room! It looks so peaceful & relaxing! I'm in the process of lightening up my family room by incorporating more white, so these pics were great inspiration. Thank you!

Riet said...

Sissie I love your livingroom but If I should say ad colour I would say turkoise or aqua. Still very quiet and friendly colours.
Hugs, Riet

::cottage instincts:: said...

I'm all about taupe and pale aqua right now, so that'd be my suggestion....I seriously love your couch girl.

TinyBear said...

Hi Sissie
Thank you so much for visiting over at my place and for entering my giveaway.

Love your living room - it´s so beautiful
happy new year :D
~ Tina

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Sissie!
What a fabulous decorator you are, everything looks perfect and inviting.
The fleur-de-lis decals do give instant Ooh la la!
Enjoy all those great little finds!

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Your place may have been a little bit of a challenge, but you did a marvelous job decorating it so well - It looks FABULOUS!

I think the room looks perfect without any color added, but if you feel you want a change by adding color... I'm sure any color of your choosing would look fantastic. I very fond of your layout of your home.

Much Joy to You-

alice said...

Gosh darn! You need NO help! It is fabulous!
Sissie you have a wonderful style!
smiles, alice

Linda said...

i agree with Riet...if you want to add some color maybe a pale aqua would add a little POP! I love it like it is...but a little pale shade would be okay. Hope you have a great week Sissie!


stefanie said...

I need!!!! some of those decals!!! that made such a difference in those pots...gorgeous...and your home is soooo pretty.

June said...

Sissie, girl you don't need any help from anyone. You do an amazing job all by yourself! It's gorgeous! I'm salivating over this picture and if you show anymore of your home I will need a bib before I come over here.

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