Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chocolate Peanut Story....Not for the Faint of Heart! Warning....this post contains messy stuff and may offend some of you.

Hi Bloggerettes!!!  Time for a funny story.  I've been much too serious lately and it's time to shake loose a little.....yea, baby!

As you know I adore my younger sister.  We used to live just a few streets away from each other and we were always up to something!
We would always say that we were like Lucy and Ethel....

Early one Saturday morning I picked her up and we were off to the local antique mall.  We decided that we would go very casual.
She had on a yellow sweat suit and I had on dark blue pants and a hooded sweatshirt.  Of course we had our makeup and jewels on....prissy girls like us are never seen without makeup and bling!

On the way down the road Sister turns to me and says, "I'm having a chocolate attack, pull over there and I'll run in and get us some chocolate."  She hops back  in the car with two huge bags of chocolate covered peanuts.  Chocolate and salt, Wow!!

We attempt to open the bags but the package won't budge.  Finally we both rip them open and chocolate covered pnuts go flying all over our laps.  Well, we did what any sensible fun lovin gal would do and we ate them anyway! Ummmm......gobble.....gobble.....gooood!!!
Off we go merrily down the road, popping peanuts, laughing,
singing to the tops of our lungs and as happy as two
chubby girls locked up inside a chocolate factory!

Then Sister says, "I need to stop at Lowes Home Improvement,
just pull over and wait for me."

Sister comes back out,  jumps up into the SUV and checks herself out in
the mirror.  She says, "I must look really, really HOT  today, people just can't take their eyes off of me....
everyone is looking at me!" 
She keeps primping and carrying on about how good she looks..."I just can't imagine how people would have starred at me, had I  dressed up! I am just too amazing!  I of course, pay no attention to her because she's always like this!  I secretly wish that her dimples would pop out!! Then she would look like everyone else!

About that time, I look down at her and realize that the
  entire crotch of her pants are covered
with melted chocolate peanuts!!  Both front and
back!!!  And if you have ever seen chocolate melted
on yellow pants then you know what it looks like! Yuck!!

"Sister, I yelled, look at the crotch of your pants, oh
my gosh!"  (insert hesterical laughing)

Well, we both started laughing so hard and
 that we peed our britches!!  ( oh, yes, we really did, I know that
none of you have ever done that...)

I had melted chocolate on the crotch of my pants too
but it didn't show up quite like hers.
So now, we have chocolate malts!!!

To make things even funnier, when she looked down at her chocolate crotch, there was still one chocolate covered
peanut hanging off the middle!!! (more hesterical laughing
and more wetting the pants)

Oh, and yes, she ate it!

After all this, we still went shopping, chocolate malt pants and all!

The moral of this story is.......Don't ever go shopping with your
crazy sister without taking an extra pair of pants!!!!
Because you know that you gotta have these.....

Sister Kim with the dimples!



Petite Michelle Louise said...

oh sissie..GIRL...this is the SECOND time i've read one of your blog posts and peed my pants! (the other one was the "Maw in the tub with that Frenchy smelling stuff" one)! Too funny..don't ya just love sisters? i have been blessed with 3 of them. GREAT post...thanks for the much-needed laughs and the light-heartedness!!

Victoria said...

That was hilarious!!! What a great story! I went to the grocery store once with a giant rip on the back of my denim shorts, people were staring at me like crazy and it wasn't until I got home that I realized my entire left cheek had been exposed.

Thank you for sharing this story!

Low Tide High Style said...

Oh Sissie, you nearly made me pee my pants LOL! Too funny, and these are the stories you'll remember!

Kat :)

Linda said...

I am laughing so hard right now I almost can't type! Oh such fun times! Love that you both could laugh. Great sister love.

Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

I am laughing so hard I have tears! Thanks for the belly laugh!!! Too funny and yes my sisters and I get that ridiculous!!! Thanks for sharing! Theresa

Lori said...

that is WAY too funny Sissie!!!

Brenda-shabbycatsandroses said...

Good Lord Sissie, this is just too darn funny!! This is one of those stories that will be told thru the generations, for sure, LOL :)

Debra@Common Ground said...

"AND SHE ATE IT!" Oh my gosh, Sissie you caught me off guard and I about fell out of my chair in hysterical laughter, you two gals sound like we could be best friends. I eat stuff that falls on the floor, as long as it doesn't have cat hair on it. If it does, then I just take the cat hair off!
Love ya, thanks for the uncontrollable fun!

Blondie's Journal said...

This is a great story, Sissie and you told it so well. I needed a giggle and I got more than that!! You made my day!

Jane (still laughing!)

afistfullofweeds* said...

Well I got a double dose with that one...tears and pee!! Just too frittering funny!!! Rhonda

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Oh God, Sissie ~ I'm sitting here by myself laughing out loud at your post! I could just picture everything you were saying. Your poor sister, thinking she looked so hot and meanwhile, people are thinking . . . very funny. I'm sure I would have been hysterical for the rest of the day. Good for you for going shopping anyway! Thanks for the feel good laugh.

Ginger said...

You had me laughing so hard, how lucky you are to have those great times with your sister.


Sylvia (at) Lily's Pad and Petals said...

Loved this story and yes I CAN relate - needed the laugh too.
Thanks for sharing this story,

Debby said...

How fun!!! I am laughing here, my dogs think I have gone mad. What a great time to remember. You and your sister are beautiful.

Gerry said...

That is a gooooood one, Sissy!!!! I wish you had your camera that day....lol...Gerry

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh Sissie, I laughed until I had tears in my eyes!! Oh and your sister does have dimples, way too cute!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Thanks for this post...I needed a good laugh! I can just picture the two of you laughing hysterically. What a funny story!

vintage tickled pink said...

too funny!!! ahhhh memories.... the other day i was eating a rice cake on my way home from work (trying to be healthly) and nearly choked to death on it, went down my wind pipe,,, choking, eyes watering, coughing, almost vomiting well you get it,, oh yeah the worst part was the urine flowing freely with every coughing jag... omg i'm turning into my mother haha diane vintage-tickled-pink

trash talk said...

Ohmylanta...I am wet from top to bottom from tears and well...you know! That was the best ever! I can just picture her prissing through the aisles...working it...thinking that the stares are a good thing! A girl after my own heart....never, ever, never let a chocolate covered peanut go uneaten!
That was a hoot and a half!

Daughter to THE King said...

ROTFLMBO!!!!!! I LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing :D

Jane said...

That is a very funny story and I love how both of you had such a good sense of humor about it! You gotta love sisters...especially ones who stop for chocolate!

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...


Nancy said...

OH, my gosh! This is the first post I've ever read with tears streaming down my face! I have never read anything so funny! That was hysterical! My favorite two lines "chocolate malts" and "oh, and yes, she ate it!". This is the best! Thanks for the funny story!


Sharlotte said...

Oh My GOSH!!! This is too funny! I can just see you two having a ball with your chocolate pants! Isn't it great when you reach an age where you just don't care and live life to its fullest! This made me laugh out loud! Thanks so much for sharing and visiting my blog!
PS I love Lucy too!

Terri Smith said...

Good Gracious Alive! I'm still laughing! That was the funniest story I've heard since I can't remember! HILARIOUS! Dear Gussie that was funny!

Now do you see why I love popping in on you. There's always Somethin' Shakin' at Sissie's Place. Thank you so much for sharing this tale. It absolutely made my day!

Blessings, Love and Tuesday Sunshine, Terri

P.S. You asked where I get my inspiration for some of my artwork on one of your recent visits, and my answer for when I'm concentrating on Children's Themed pieces..from my young and adorable grand-daughter Ashley and my equally adorable Nieces and Nephews. Children dress Bold and Live OutLoud and I try and bring as much as I can of these two qualities into my compositions.


Okay, asthma kicking in and.....


you guys are too funny! that was a classic story, it's events and happenings like this that make me remember why it is I always wished for a sister....

yes, after having kids, my newest favourite passtime is wetting a little when funny takes over! seriously! it's terrible!

thanks for making me smile, and a little wheezy!

ciao sissie...

creative carmelina was here! and loved every minute of it!

Beansieleigh said...

Sissie, this was a hoot! LOVED today's post! It's wonderful that you and your sister are close like this, and can have such fun together!.. wet pants and all!! ~tina

June said...

oh girl, I haven't laughed this hard over a post in a looong time!!! I am so glad I took a break from my blogging break to come over and catch up with you. I enjoyed getting caught up on all your awesome posts and beautiful creations tonight.

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Oh my, that is a ridiculously funny story! I can't imagine how you looked!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Sissie, That's such a great and very funny story! It was like I was sitting right beside you both and I can almost smell peanuts and chocolate here. No wonder you had to laugh so hard! What did you shop for then? Pants, lol?

vintage frenchhen said...

Only the two of you Sissy! Very funny...thanks for the laugh!

Lululiz said...

OMG Sissie, that was the funniest story I have heard in a long time, you and your sister are just too adorable. I laughed so loudly, my family must have thought I had completely gone round the bend at long last. I won't ever be able to eat chocolate covered peanuts again without seeing the two of you in my mind. Giggle, giggle.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

What a great story! I'm just getting to read this now which is too bad because my Auntie, who was here visiting me yesterday, would have gotten the biggest giggle over your story. Then we both would have laughed so hard that we probably would have peed our pants! Have a great day.


Kim from The Sheep's Nest said...

Such great memories! What is it about getting older and peeing our pants again?! I love to laugh, need to do more of it.


Ha! This is so funny!! Just like a scene from I Love Lucy. Brave girls to go shopping with the pants that way. Thanks for sharing. this was just too cute!

Riet said...

Oh my goodness. I laughed so hard, had to get to the toilet myself and the fun is that you still went shopping. ROTFLOL

Paula said...

too funny Sissie! the laughs with a sister are some of the best in the world!
I can just picture the yellow pantsAC (after chocolate!!)

Dorthe said...

Dear me, you two have had a blast of a day together, what a wonderfull story, and the way you telling it ,is just great,Sissie. I can immagine the two of you sitting there, full of chocolate all over, and then going hunting like that, --I just have to laugh laud and high.
Wonderfull visit, sweetie.
Hugs Dorthe

Paula said...

Dear Sissie,

Oh, that is too funny!!! Thank you for sharing that fun story! You and your sister must have the best time together! She is just beautiful, love those dimples!!!
Love, Paula

Mari said...


{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hi Sissy....

Laughed until I had tears......nearly peed my panties....but fortunately, I'm SAFE there.......That is the MOST hilarious story!


BellaRosa said...

OH MY STARS!!! Sissy amor, I was laughing soooo hard and sooo loud that my poor lil doggy pudge was barking at me, she musta thought I lost it lol I have done that with chocolate covered raisins lol all over my butt and sides..and uhmm raisins stuck on my boobs :) yup right on top where someones friendly hand would just love to peel it off and laugh...and yup you guess it, my hubby got it, ate it and had the audacity to smile and wink at me the cheeky munky lol And I to, still went treasure hunting...my only saving grace was that I had on camoflauge pants lol I just rubbed the chocolate in more...no one knew but me and those that stood next to me and would say...hmmm I smell chocolate lol Amor, thank you for making me laugh...I so needed it today! Besos, Rose

ps...the only thing that offended me was the fact that I am allergic to peanuts and LOVE me some covered in chocolate...but thankfully I love me some walking around alive more lol

Doni said...

I'll never in my life be able to eat another chocolate covered peanut without laughing hysterically for thinking of this post! The tears have sprung, and thankfully I've recently been to the lieu!! Oh my! What a hoot y'all must be. You just MUST post some more posts like that! Thanks so much for the huge laugh!!

3creativechics said...

Hello Sissie, this is my first visit to your blog and when I read this post I laugh so hard that I had to call my sister that is 18 months younger than I am and read it to her. What's really funny is, we spend alot of time together and we have those kind of moments all the time!!!! Thanks for the laugh and letting us feel better that we aren't the only sisters out there that have those moments!

Linens Lace and Lattes said...

Oh my goodness...I laughed so hard I cried! Thanks for the great story.

Frippery said...

I had a good abs workout laughing at this one. I might have peed a bit too!

My name is PJ. said...

You were so right, Sissie! This is just what the doctor ordered! I laughed so hard I coughed up my left lung.

Now I need someone to clean this mess up!!!

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