Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A big thank you to all my Blogging Friends!

My dear sweet blogging friends I cannot write this without tears filling my eyes.  I am just overwhelmed by your kindness and support for my Son Jeff and his struggle to survive Crohns disease. So many of you have so graciously supported his Go Fund Me Page and your generosity and kindness have left me speechless. 
He still has a very long road ahead and our faith is remaining strong.  If you'd like to share Jeff's story, then I'd like to thank you in advance.  And a special thanks to so many of you bloggers that have already shared.  

I don't have much to share on my blog except this one spot in my entryway that always makes me smile.

Maybe it's too early for Bunnies, but I couldn't resist putting these out just a little early.

I hope that I can get back to blogging on a more regular basis, but don't think I've forgotten about you.  Believe me, when times are tough,  I know that I can find beauty and happiness reading your beautiful blogs.  


My son Jeff's story can be found here.  Thank you for your support.


NanaDiana said...

Bloggers are an amazing group of people, aren't they? I am so happy that so many reached out to support you---not only financially but with prayers and words of comfort. We all know what it is like to have someone suffer in our family---and with a child (no matter their age) it is much worse.

Praying for Jeff-and you. Blog when and as you can. We miss you- xo Diana

ps. I think my poor, poor bunnies are stuck away in the warehouse and frozen solid by now.....

Donna Wilkes said...

Give Jeff a huge hug from all of us. The bunnies are a delight. I still have my manger collection out so I can come in the front door and be uplifted. I always look forward to your beauties.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Your home is always so lovely and peaceful to me. The bunnies are precious. I love the blogging community and I know we/I/they will continue to support you through all of this. Prayers always and Jeff is on the prayer list at my church bible study. Hugs.

Junkchiccottage said...

There are so many sweet angels in blogland. It is amazing how peeps we have never met in person can rally for us when we need it most. The blogging community is special. I am hoping and praying that Jeff will begin to feel better and get back a better quality of life soon. You are a great mom to be by his side. Hey I say it is never too early for Spring decor especially bunnies!!!!!!! Have a great day.

Okio B Designs said...

I hope your son is doing better. And it's never too early for bunnies. =)



Alessandra said...

You are a great mum, i'll pray for your son and you
Hugs Alessandra

Decor To Adore said...

Sissie I have added your dear Jeff to my daily prayer list. I hope you will keep us all regularly update. Have a wonderful week!

Kelly said...

I am so sorry about your son's health crisis. I suffer with ulcerative colitis myself and get Remicade infusions every 8 wks. It is a terrible disease that often affects more than just the colon. The inflammation that accompanies it wreaks havoc on the body that can cause other symptoms. Luckily, the Remicade has been a Godsend for me. But I'm still experiencing symptoms. I'm not cured and not in remission. I hope that your son will respond well to medication and be able to have a normal life again.

Burlap Luxe said...

Bunnies and wild hare, is a year around here with us on our wild rural desert of Southern Calif. they run about looking for any winter morsel they can find. We put food out for them and feel we're doing our part in there spring births.

Sissie, your little sport is grand,mand don't think for a minute that we don't find inspiring peace and comfort here with you,mewithme all that you have going on in your daily life. The real beauty is having that beautiful place in your home to rest your heart on.
Love this foto, and the wing chair is inviting a little sitting to take in the beauty.
Love your white wicker rattan chairs up to your weathered feel to the dinning table. The back drop of framed and moldings to your walls is every bit the beauty we all long to have.

Keep faith in how moving and powerful God is, he will provide for you and your family, you are blessed with such a loving blog family.
Keep blogging, it frees up space in our hearts and thoughts allowing ones to be inspired by your walking in faith, and the beauty and love you extend to others. Just a minute to post one soulfull foto is good enough for us. We all understand you presious time is wrapped up in the comfort of your son.
I pray comfort, peace, and joy be yours sooner then later.



PS..... Thank you for your beautifully encouraging words to how I create.

Red Rose Alley said...

Sissie, I'm so glad that you got my note in the mail. We both have one very special lady in common...Nana Diana. She's the best, isn't she? You have such a lovely home, and I'm off to browse through some of your posts. Thank you for following us, I appreciate that so much.

Thinking of you and your son during these very hard times.


Bluebird49 said...

Sissy, I read about Jeff's illness a couple of weeks ago at Diana's blog. In November 2016, our dear 12-year-old grandson, David was diagnosed with Crohn's. The severe symptoms manifested when they moved away from his birthplace and he was bullied terribly at the new-to- him school he went to. After 2 months of suffering silently, and night after night of vomiting and diarhea, my son took him to a Trauma 1 hospital to find out why he was not growing, looked so gray, cried himself to sleep night after night. (He felt ashamed he didn't 'fight back', felt so defenseless against bigger, mean boys in the locker room. He suffered through it from Sept. til the last of November before he told his dad and mom.) I can only help Jeff by praying for him right now, and for your whole family. I am so very sorry Jeff has suffered so much, and you with him. It is so hard to see our cherished ones suffering!

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