Sunday, January 15, 2017

My son Jeff's, Go Fund Me Story and Nana Diana

I am just blown away by the support and love that Diana, aka, Nana Diana has shown to me and my son, Jeff.  When she saw Jeff's story on GoFund Me, she immediately posted it on her blog to spread the word.
Already, so many of her followers are showing their support and love.
I'm totally blown away.  I have no words.  I only have tears that fill my eyes just knowing that so many of you are reaching out to help. 

There is a special place in heaven for Nana Diana.
She says she is no Angel, but I think she is.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I'll never be able to repay your kindness.

Here is what she wrote....

I know that MANY of you bloggers
know and love
She is a beautiful person inside and out.
Did you know that her name was Diana?

She is a beautiful person inside and out.
Did you know that her name was Diana?
Yep!  She and I are bonded that way.

many of you also know that
has been terribly ill.

He has needed full-time care and that
has fallen to Sissie.
They are at their wit's end.
Not only physically and emotionally 
but also, sadly,

I have NEVER DONE THIS before.
I have never sent out a plea 
for anyone for funding
but, as a blog sister,
I feel I have to share 

You never would guess, 
looking at her blog 
that there is so much heartache buried there,
would you?

They need help in a 
What has happened there is too much
for any one of us to help-
BUT if we can all help 
well, mountains come out of molehills

Please go read his story.
If you can't donate a cent-
don't worry about it...
could you PRAY for him/them?
If you are not a pray-er...please send up

Sissie- Just to say- 
God bless you and strengthen you-
You can and will do this because,
like many of us,
you are a MOM that loves her child.



NanaDiana said...

Pffffttt...I am NO angel! Just ask my friends. When my husband was ordained at age 50 they asked him who he was going to take to church!
I am praying for Jeff AND for you, Sissie, because I know how your heart hurts. Moms are supposed to be able to wave a magic wand and make it all better....and when we can't do that we feel that we have let our children down. So, we suffer not only with the inability to HELP but with the feelings of guilt. I have walked in your shoes (as you know) so that is why this struck so close to home for me. Praying your boy well. (yes- I know he is a MAN but our sons will always be BOYS to us)...xo Diana

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love that she shared this on her blog. I am sharing on FB and trying to get the word out. I think I'll put something on my blog also. I love you sweet lady and your dear son. Lots of prayers said for you all in church this morning!!

krishna said...

I'm sharing Diana's page in Facebook so that more people can know.. let see if that makes any help..

Burlap Luxe said...

Oh Sissie, (Diana) yes a common bond between friends is Gods plan in all that you are blessed with.
I read your sons story and seriously took all my might to not cry for you, your husband and son. I have a brother who suffers with Crohns, and a girlfriends who I grew up with who has suffered from her young 20's on, several surgeries for rectal fishulas and pain she deals with. Your son is far worst then ones I know and to be such pain is more than I want to think about.
I am going to add him to my prayer list, and pray with my group of prayer warriors,

GOD Is so much BIGGER than mans JUNK! and I am walking in faith that his new program will be one that gives him his life back as much of it that gives him comfort.

This was a very angelic thing for Nana Diana to do for you, yes one could call her your earthly angel.
It's wonderful to see the heart of our bloggers when someone is in desperate need, she truly is someone to love.
You my dear took brave steps in telling your story, and a sad tearful cry while writting it I am sure took place.
I will go to your fund page, and I will encourage all to help.

I know without a doubt that Gods Plan is a big one for you my dear, and your gentle spirit in everything is ok need not be a secret, or cried out for help. We can only do so much before we feel the breaking point and I hope the help and prayers on there way lift the burden of finances and stress. I am praying that an abundance of love is shown to you and Jeff and that some of your loving burden be lifted amen.

I had no idea your son was this I'll, and no idea the sadness you have taken on. We all want the best for our children, and your son is going to be rising above all his pain to knowing comfort and joy again soon.
Blessings my dear to you and yours.

Thank you Sissie for your visit to my blog, and your words left behind add joy to my days.
I so wish I lived in your town, where I could come and paint and design with you lifting your spirits.
I also Thank Nana Diana for her love she extended to you and your sons help!


Blondie's Journal said...

I knew your son was ill as you told me at the end of the summer. I had asked you to sew a runner for me. I had NO idea. I feel for what you and your husband are going thorough and of course, the pain Jeff is in. I will be here to help.

Love Diana...she is a blessing to all she knows and loves.

Jane x

Junkchiccottage said...

Good morning. Diana is a special angel. She will down play that she is but I can tell you from being friends with this special friend that she certainly is. She is the best friend anyone could ever have and a super mom, Nana, and wife. Diana volunteers her time to help the Vets at the VA and she gives so much to her community. She touches so many lives. I feel so blessed to call her friend. I am so happy she could post about Jeff so we all could help out with prayers and donations. Keeping you in my heart daily that things will begin to turn around for all of you.

Boopnut said...

Diana is a good person. I will pray for your son, Jeff. Hugs and loving thoughts to you.

Donna Wilkes said...

I am so happy at the response you are getting for Jeff. Prayers for strength, health and healing.

Okio B Designs said...

So touching! Sending prayers to you, your hubby and son, and to Nana Diana.


Beth said...

Sissie, Many drug manufacturers have compassionate programs that help toward the cost of their medications. My hub is on Enbrel, a biologic, and gets a lot of assistance with cost; in fact with the manufacturer's program and our health insurance, he only has a $10 copay per month. This on a drug that costs thousands per month.
Also, if Jeff isn't working and has limited resources, he may be elligible for Medicaid. You should consider having him or helping him apply.
Praying for your family.

Beth said...

Another thought is that Jeff should or could apply for Social Security disability. If approved he would get a monthly benefit and in time (I think 24 mos.) would be eligible for Medicare. Best wishes. Praying.

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