Saturday, July 15, 2017

Can't quite get it right....

I swear, sometimes I think something is just plain wrong with me!  How in the world did this...

turn into this...

Well I'll tell you how.  It's my obsession with trying to decide what works best in this huge kitchen family room living area.  It's not easy I tell ya.  I last blogged about the hutch found at Habitat then painted it gray/blue, which meant the top of the sideboard had to be painted the same color.  Then all the beach elements were added.  Pretty yes, but it just didn't look right in a mostly neutral room.  So.  Drag the hutch top to the garage, buy some paint and proceed to make changes. First I started repainting the sideboard.
I brushed on some darker paint and started wiping it off to give a distressed look.  I painted the top of it with the darker color and wiped it with the grain.  The result is a nice distressed look which actually softened the look.

(pay no attention to the tag still on the might not make the cut!)
 The mirror was also a great find.  I love the silver leaf edges.  It just gives it a little glam and a nice sparkle. 
I then styled it with the metal gate that's been sitting in the closet, and shells, coral and candles.  
I really like it.  For now.  But who knows what might happen next!
Somebody stop me!!!!  
Okay, seriously which one do you like best????
Keep in mind that I do not have the color gray in this living area at all...that justifies the changes, right?????


Susie said...

Sissie, Both are very pretty....but I like the one with the mirror best. I like how you added the lamp and candlesticks. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Both are so pretty and you have the best decor taste so I can't choose!!

Donna Wilkes said...

I would probably pick the blue hutch with the sea decor except for that beautiful silver mirror. Hard choice.

NanaDiana said...

Well, I love that anonymous did NOT sign their name above. I discredit anything written by someone that won't put their name to it, Sissie---so just ignore it. Probably someone with their own GoFund Me page that is afraid you will make more money than they do on theirs.
Do they bother to read that the GO FUND ME is for YOUR SON and NOT FOR YOU? Nope! And judging without knowing the facts? Incredible.
I would not delete that comment! Let the readers see what an idiot looks like in print that is afraid to sign their name to something!

As for the choices- I am leaning towards the mirror--because you can look at your pretty self! No-I like it because it is slightly more 'formal' looking to me, I think. Good luck making your choice!

Love ya, kiddo! xo DIANA (signing my name so you know who I am)!!!

Blondie's Journal said...

I love both...but I think the mirror adds a lot of personalty and charm.

Like Diana, Anonymous hasn't a clue about your life nor your son's. I pity these people. Part of life with friends or family that are suffering involves being our very best selves and moving forward and positively. This a++h+++ wouldn't have a clue.

Love to you and all the best.

Choose the mirror. ;-D


Karen Ann said...

I think you had it right the first time, absolutely beautiful Sea theme and the pop of soft color was a perfect addition. Both are magazine quality, however, so whatever you are drawn to most is what should stay.

Debra Oliver said...

Hey Sweetheart,I love both looks, but I'm a fan of that gorgeous mirror. Now on to the nasty comment. One thing I've learned is that when you are going thru the tough stuff you have to stay positive and try to keep your creative "self" from being trampled by all the negative junk of life circumstances. I agree, leave the comment. Part of the problem, other than just being spiteful, nasty, and dumb, is that people don't really "know" the real "us". They see bits and pieces and then feel they have the right to critique and judge. Hang in there and enjoy who you are, and your many talents and blessings! xoxo Deb

Junkchiccottage said...

Both are so pretty but I love the second one best. I love the gray white washed look and that gate is awesome. If you do not like that you can send it to me lol! That piece is so pretty. Sometimes it takes a few tries before we get something looking the way we want. Love love love the new styling and paint re do on your sideboard. I think that mirror is a keeper too. Very pretty all together.

Helen said...

Hello! I have become an infrequent reader of the blogs I follow ~~ happy I checked in today. I am a fan and though I love the beautiful blue color, the mirror wins my top vote. Now I am going to journey back to read all of your posts I missed! Happy Monday, Sissie!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

You have managed to get two absolutely stunning looks! The wrought iron one is more me. Which one is more you? Sometimes I just need something new to look at in my most used space. We went to CT to visit my son. We almost came back south to NC on the way back. (We still need to do that sometime but will probably fly.) Went to Lucketts instead! Not so far from you! You would LOVE it! Waaay more than I showed.

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