Sunday, July 2, 2017

Summer Destination....SEA.

This seems to be just about everyone's summer destination...
And when you live next to the seashore...shells, coral, seaweed and all the elements of the ocean, will find a way into your home decor. This thrifted hutch top, painted with chalkpaint and added to the top of the sideboard became the perfect place to fill with seashore inspired goodies.

The gold letters spelling out SEA add the perfect touch...

I hope you enjoy your summer trip to the SEA.  Just remember to use lots of sun screen and don't wade too far out into the ocean.
Or, you can be a fraidy cat like me and never venture out into the water!


Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Yes I already had my seaside visit! I never do more than wade on the shore. But wonderful! Your display is wonderful too!

Mary said...

Sissie, what a great idea to add the hutch top to the sideboard - and you've painted it in such a pretty color - giving you extra space for beautiful seasonal vignettes. I love all you have there, a perfect summertime display of things we love from the shore.

The SEA always calls to me having grown up on the English Channel - and of course I do seem to always be off somewhere on ship. Returned recently from a fabulous cruise around Sicily and Malta. We also get down to the North Carolina shore as often as possible - so fortunate to have such a wonderful coast in this state aren't we. I don't swim in the ocean anymore but love to walk the beach, shelling, bird watching and getting my tootsies wet! Just looking out across the expanse of the Atlantic toward my far off original home is always a thrill.

Have a happy summer - hope Jeff is doing well.
Hugs - Mary (stuck up here in hot, humid Raleigh)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Sissie, your cupboard is so pretty! I love shells and coral. I want a trip to the sea so much! Sigh!

Junkchiccottage said...

I need a seaside visit and soon. Hopefully after all the reno at the new house is done and we get moved in Terry and I can escape to a beach somewhere. Ahhhh a girl can dream.
Happy 4th.

Alessandra said...

Beautiful and very elegant items and pictures
Hugs Alessandra

Jill said...

Such a lovely post... I always find peace and comfort being by the water. Thank you for sharing.... Have a wonderful weekend!!


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