Sunday, September 10, 2017

Thoughts on Blogging and Pumpkins

 Here on the coast of North Carolina we are smack dab in the middle of Hurricane Season and despite the worry, I love Fall and Fall decor.  My heart goes out to those that lost so much in Texas and for those currently facing the devastation from Irma.  I'm sending prayers to all of them. 
I know I haven't posted for awhile and to tell the truth my heart just isn't in it much anymore.  It seems as though so many of the "original" bloggers that I grew up with, have all stopped blogging or have gone to other forms of social media. Some of them are on Facebook or Instagram and I check in on them often.  However, it's just not the same.  I don't have the computer skills or funds to have a professional designed blog page with all the bells and whistles.  Nor, do I have the desire to have affiliates and, or advertisers popping up all over the place.  I guess I'm just an old school blogger that loves the way it used to be. So, I'll blog when I feel like I've got something to show or say and if you are still with me please know that  I truly appreciate you.   Nuff said.

Anyway, here's a few pumpkins I've placed around the house.  It is the season of "Pumpkin Everything!"

Lovin this pink pumpkin with pearls.

Or, silver pumpkins that I've had for a few years.

And who can resist fabric pumpkins all in a row...
So enjoy the "Pumpkin Everything" Season and stay safe wherever you might be nesting for Fall.



Donna said...

Hi Sissie,
I can so relate to your feelings on blogging. I do miss the good old days of it, and actually stopped posting a year ago (I just did a few posts in the past week or so). I have been so worried about all of those in the hurricanes path. Unreal there have been two huge hurricanes in such a short time. I will say a prayer for you and your family, stay safe!
Love your pumpkins!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

I absolutely LOVE your sunflower cushion!! We purchased a 100 year old farmhouse in September 2016, and moved back up to Wisconsin from Florida in April (so glad for that right now!). I couldn't love being here more! I've been doing a little gardening, canning this fall, and being a total "old time-y" grandma to our grandchildren. Seeing your fall decorations is really inspiring me to dress our farmhouse for fall. It's always a pleasure to visit with you, Sissy. Praying for everyone in Florida, the southwest and those suffering through fires in the northwest. It's really scary. xo Donna

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Well, that's where we are isn't it? Lonely out here. "Old School" would be a great blog name or shop name or blog party name. But I am def an old school blogger myself. I am posting the same way. Just when I have something I would like to share. But I love your style! And it's actually easier for me to keep up with other people's less frequent blog posts. Where does the time go??? I love that pillow and pumpkin on your chair! My kind of fall colors!

Blondie's Journal said...

All of your pumpkins have my heart going pitter patter! I need to get moving!

I get you big time on the blogging. I think Instagram has taken away a lot of blog readers. I am part of that media world, but I will always love blogging-even if I can't do it as much due to other writing obligations. But I'm working on it! I hope people come back- I enjoy the story behind the photos. But I clearly love my own ways, as do you! :-)


Betty said...

I have just come back to blogging after taking a year off and so much has changed. A lot of the bloggers I have read for years is gone and so many new bloggers that look like it is a professional theme and so many ads. I do know that you can go to etsy and get a very nice blog theme really cheap. I bought one last year for 15.00 and another one for 25.00 I love your white pumpkins, they are so cute. I am from WV and have read your blog in the past. Sorry when you came back it was not the same, but WV has changed and not for the better. We will be moving when Hubby retires. Not sure where yet.

Karen Ann said...

I love that vignette of the fabric pumpkins..

I feel the same about blogging, and I post when I feel I have something to say that's worthy of sharing. I think many people feel the computer has become a time suck so they don't spend as much time on it as they used to.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I'm always happy to see you a new blog post! I also don't blog nearly as much and the community has changed. Still for me it's a great place to continue to share my life with my friends! Big Hugs to you and your gorgeous Fall decor!

Donna said...

As a devoted follower of many blogs, I have noticed a change in the number of bloggers who are no longer posting. I toyed with the idea of a blog and never did follow through. The only social media for me is Instagram which, quite frankly is about all my non-tech mind can handle...ha! Love, love, love all your pretty pumpkins and especially the sunflower pillow. It's always a pleasure to visit your lovely home. xoxo

Kim Marion said...

Love everything Sista!!!!! Your home is so beautiful just like youđź’•

Twinkle Terrior said...

Hi Sissie, I'm an old school , old time follower. Started about 8 years ago when i was home from an injury. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and style. TOday im home catching up so you made me smile :) I'm in GA (from FL) but my family who is still in FL has been on my mind. They are ok but no power. Cant wait til storm season is over and everyone is safe. Sending hugs your way ooxox

Susie said...

Sissie, I am an old school blogger too. I am lucky to get a post going at times. I miss lots of the wonderful blog people. Your fall décor is very pretty. Love all the pumpkins. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Sissie,
I am with you on the blogging. I am "old school" and do not advertise on my blog or pay to have a fancy blog page. I love IG too but I like the interaction of the comments left with blogging. IG is fun but I feel not as personal as blogging. So I am going to continue my blog as long as I have friends to read it. I do not post as much as I use too. With being in the middle of the new house move it is hard to really post. Hopefully after settling in the new house in the next few weeks I will be able to blog on some new decor. Hope you do not give up blogging. Love your sweet blog.

Debra Oliver said...

Yes, Sissie, I can give you an "Amen" on all of it. I've blogged about this several times, it's just not the same. I guess things evolve and change... just the nature of most things. So much of it feels like a "competition", and frankly I can't do that. My health made me take a good look at what I wanted and what I could do, and that made me realize I was not going to be a slave to what others thought or expected. I blog when I have something to share, and enjoy that. When it becomes "work" I've learned to back off because that's a sign that it's not natural or productive for me. LOVE your "pumpkin decor", it just matches who you are. I so love this time of year so I push a little harder, just because it's my favorite time to decorate. xoxo Deb

Mary said...

Beautiful pumpkins around your home Sissie - especially love the fabric ones in the last photo!
We were so lucky that Irma missed NC - my prayers continue for Florida and Texas - such a lot of sadness down there.
Blogging has changed, we've talked about it a lot lately. I will never go to advertising, just plan to keep going the way I always have over 10 years, hoping some friends continue to follow and keep in touch.

Hang in there and fingers crossed any future hurricanes stay away from our state!
Hope your son is doing well.
Hugs - Mary

P.S. Sissie - do you sell the Jeanne d'Arc magazines by chance?

Ellen Ross | Ask Away said...

Oh yes, this is definitely the season for pumpkins! Hang in there!
XO Ellen from Ask Away

Sally said...

I miss my old blog friends terribly. Oh, I can see most of them on FB but it's not the same. I don't blog as much as I used to. You have a beautiful spot here, Sissie. :)

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